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14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

20 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair 14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair April 26, 2018

The best haircut to maximize the definition of your curls is a layer cut. The gradually increasing lengths of different hair parts make your curls jump in their full glory and look exactly as you dreamed it would.

Although I would always recommend having your hair cut only by a professional hairdresser, I fully understand if you would rather do it yourself at home. If that’s what you want to do, then I have you, pretty girls.

Curly Layered Haircuts And Face Shapes

There are a number of ways you can style your multi-layered haircut, all depending on your face shape. I know, I know, this whole facial concept seems elusive to a majority of you. To make your life easier (because I’m so nice), I’ve done my research and found the best curly layered haircut that you can wear depending on the shape of your face. My pleasure.

  • If you have a round face, a long bob with fine layers that end right at the chin will give your face a slightly longer finish.
  • Boy, are you lucky if you have a heart-shaped face , because there are a lot of layered cuts that you can experiment with. You can try a short layered pixie for a more edgy look. Or you could create an enchanting hair look with long, even layers of straight or sideways curved bangs.
  • A short short bob with layers that end right at the chin, works great on oval / oblong face shapes because it gives softness to an otherwise sharp face structure. Another great layering style you can wear is long, even cut layers with sideways sweeping fringes.
  • If you have a square , you can opt for a layered bob with subtle bangs or long subtle beats layers on the ends.
  • Now that you know how to cut your own hair in layers and which style suits your face best, jump into my top selection to style your curly hair in a layered cut.

20 best layered hairstyles for curly hair

1. Super long bob with layered curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

Having super long hair with kinky curls can have aching neck pain. To reduce the weight on your head and give your beautiful curls a chance to unfold in all their glory, you should opt for a layered, super long bob that is easy to style.

2. Messy layers on long ginger curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

One thing that all these boho-chic girls on Instagram seem to have in common is long curly hair falling down their backs. Restore this magical look by cutting your ginger curls into long, messy layers that require little or no styling time.

3. “Barely There” layers on thick curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

One big fear that many curly girls have before cutting their hair is that they lose volume. Well, let me tell you, a good layer cut will quickly tackle this problem. If you have thick curls, cut your hair into subtle layers that look as if they are barely there, and cut your hair on one side to create that beautiful natural look.

4. Layered layers on springy curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

If you are blessed with big bouncy curls and are looking for a good haircut, you should look at this style. A layered layer section separates curls and allows the room to hurry around unhindered. Lay down on one side of your face to convey a mysterious mood.

5. Subtle layered Bob on tangled curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

The easiest way to cut kinky curly hair into layers is a more subtle approach. If your layers are too drastic and too far apart, your bob may end up looking rather triangular and awkward. Choose a few subtle layers and finish off your bob by the shoulder to create that simple and classic look.

6. Long, sweeping layers on loose curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

When it comes to curls, no one can beat the beauty of Annalynne McCord’s 90210 athlete. Her long curly hair looks even more radiant, thanks to the long, curved layers into which she is cut. You can just wash your hair and make it look as beautiful as it does.

7. Short layered bob on stained curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

Charlize Theron knows exactly what she does with her hair when she is layered. She has highlighted her beautifully dented curls by cutting them into a short layered bob. The even layers accentuate her sharp cheekbones and chin to make her look like the Frozen she is famous for.

8. Ombre layers on low curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

You know what you can do to improve the structure and beauty of your layered haircut? You could look for an ombre hair color. Your low curls must necessarily flower in this color and shine when split in the middle. Just make sure you take good care of your bleached hair if you want to care for your curls.

9 Shaggy Layer with Shaggy Bangs

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

Of course, Rihanna knows what she does with her hair, and you have to be inspired by her style. Take, for example, this short haircut. With shaggy layers and textured, curly bangs, she looks just like the rock star she is. If you want to look even edgier, bleach your hair blonde like her.

10. Gradual layers on messy waves

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

Are not super-structured haircuts your style? Do you like that your hair looks like it grew naturally? Then this haircut with layers that gradually descend and blend beautifully into the medium-long hair, is perfect for you. Stylish them at the top and divide them on one side (like the Frederikke Sofie model) to create a bold and edgy look.

11. Long layers on long curly hair

14 erstaunlich geschichtete Frisuren für lockiges Haar

If you’re anything you’re probably extremely unlike me, to let go of your long curls. If you still want a layered cut to handle your curls better, you can try this beautiful long layered curly-haired haircut, in which the layers along your hair length concentrate along your shoulders.

12. Layered long bob on curly curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

Trust Gwen Stefani, whether she is GO BIG or going home. And go big with this big curly hair look. Instead of trying to tame her wild curly locks, Stefani has hugged her and opted for a long layered bob framing her face and making her look like the boss ass bitch she is.

13. Short textured layers and curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

Take a page from Vanessa Hudgens’ Lookbook and try this easy send Bob to show your messy curls. Opt for a short layered bob and style it with tons of textured spray to get that sexy look. And if you want to be on the rise, finish the caramel balayage highlights.

14. Short stacked layers on soft curls

14 amazingly layered hairstyles for curly hair

In how many years have you avoided avoiding an extremely short cut for fear that your curls will make you look like a cotton bud? Do not be afraid anymore! For ladies with soft, curly locks, a short haircut with stacked layers that framed your face and ends just below the ears provides a youthful and romantic hair look.

Our list of layered hairstyles for curly hair ends here. So, what are you waiting for, my curly hair? Go ahead and live all your stratified hair dreams and admire how your curly locks reach their full potential for bounce and beauty. While you’re at it, please comment below, and let us know what style and cut you’ve made to pick up your phone, and make an appointment with your hairdresser!


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