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14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

30-wheel hairstyles of the 80s that you must remember 14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s October 31, 2018

Take a look at these radical hairstyles that have taken over this funky decade. They send you to the sky of the 80s, where “righteous and gnarly” rules.

14 beautiful 80s hairstyles to remember

1. Permed hair

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Permed Hair was the rage in the 80s. Watch one of the television shows from this decade and you will see at least once all women with permanent hair. I say that absolutely – please do not try to wash your hair without taking appropriate action. If you are a perm, you need to know the following. Chemicals are used to lure your hair. While the name stands for permanent (which means a permanent change in your hair), a perm is washed off with water if you do not take the appropriate measures. So go to a salon the first time you’re there.

2. have been shaped. Big Teased Hairstyles

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

That’s right! The back-combed hair was big in the 80s. It was probably larger than the unicorn frappe trend that debuted last year. If you are a generation after the 80s, look for the photos of your parents from that time. You will not be disappointed.

3. Curled hair

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Who did not wear ruffled hair in the 80s? Both men and women showed the ruffled look, including the stunning Demi Moore. For those of you who do not know, crimping your hair means you can style your hair in zigzag waves with an iron. Did you know that the creator of the crimping iron created modern crimps for Barbra Streisand?

4. Beehive bun with headband

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

This classic retro look was great in the 80s. Again you can see the big hair. This hairstyle is classy as hell, and the headgear is the perfect finish, along with eye-catching eye makeup and some lipstick. It’s the perfect gloss for any formal event or to captivate the boy you like in college.

5. Farrah Feathers

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Farrah Fawcett’s hair was an icon in itself. This feathered cut sent every woman into the salon. You can find some variations of this hairstyle in all movies and TV series from that time. And why not? It is stellar.

6. High Side Ponytail

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Who remembers DJ Tanner ( Full House ) with the High Side Ponytail? She looked cute like a button. This was the hairstyle for young girls – in addition to the workout and dance routine. Why for a workout, you ask? It is the best way to show your hair without it getting into your face during your exercises.

7. Scrunchies

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Colorful, lively and oversized – Scrunchies were a big deal in the 80s. Most of the time they were tied to very little hair to create a dramatic contrast. The reason for the hairstyle was to focus on the stylish Scrunchie. It’s the perfect way to cope with these bad hair days.

8. The bow

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Who does not love a good bow? Big bow clips were all the rage in the 80s. DJ Tanner, Lisa Turtle and almost all our favorite characters had a bow. The bow itself is versatile – you can find innocent childish colors or simple and printed adult designs. There is something for everybody!

9. Soft curls

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s 14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s


Soft curls were the curly hairlines of straight hair. Look at those curls! I wish I had her. No wonder they never went out of fashion. Soft curls give your hair a nice, supple feel. If you have sharp facial features that tend to get hard, these curls can soften your lines.

10. Coconut Half Updo

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

11. Punk Hair

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Although the Punk Hair came from the 70s, the 80s Punk hairstyles brought a whole new level. Hardcore punk hairstyles that show people doing sports originated in Britain in the 1980s, all thanks to the renaissance of UK82. Elaborately curly hair, which should be drastically different from the primary and right hairstyles of the 80s – that’s the definition of punk rock hairstyles, in my opinion.

12. Workout headband

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

The 80s were great in training and looked great in training. Olivia Newton-John (go ‘Physical’) has her own series of training videos, no kidding – as well as Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch, Tamilee Webb and many other celebrities from this decade. The only thing you’ll notice in their videos (apart from some very funny things) is their hair. It is always available and perfect. Well, that’s thanks to the head sweatband!

13. Classic Madonna One-sided hair

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Madonna had styled her hair several times on one side. This style is sophisticated. It is stylish and perfect. The ’80s really had a great mix of grunge, teen and class. Really perfect!

14. Whitney Houston hairstyles

14 beautiful hairstyles of the 80s

Tell me honestly, did not you just start “And I’ll love you forever” with one hand on your heart and the other in the air (total diva singer mode)? The ’80s was an era of stunning women, her career and her hair – like Whitney Houston. Her hairstyles have always been sensational and are still worn by women today.


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