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17 elegant hairstyles for older women

20 elegant hairstyles for older women 17 elegant hairstyles for older women December 26, 2017

As women get older, the biggest obstacle for them is learning how to age gracefully. They must learn to adopt styles that are more mature and elegant, yet have a youthful feel. After all, the goal is that you look refreshed and not boring. An important element that comes into play here, of course, is your hair. The right hairstyle can satisfy a mature woman with a sense of confidence by making her look chic and trendy. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best hairstyles that a modern woman over 50 years old can do with flying colors! Before we go into that, let’s talk about some important things to consider before you deal with your new hair look.

Hair styling tips for women over 50

  • As you get older, it’s best for cuts that are easier to style. So avoid any cuts that are too shaggy or too layered, as they look messy and unkempt. Instead, opt for more straightforward cuts.
  • Highlights are a great way to add more brightness and movement to your hair. Just make sure you keep just a few shades lighter than your base to create a more elegant atmosphere.
  • If you’re someone who has had a pony all his life, you do not have to give him up just because you’re older. One should opt for more mature styles like wispy or side-turned pony to keep things unobtrusive but fresh.

Now that you know what key points to consider when choosing your style, let’s look at all the fun styles you can try!

20 elegant and elegant hairstyles for older women

1. Simple shoulder-length hair

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

If you are not inspired by Meryl Streep, you have to seriously evaluate yourself. This elegant woman knows what she does when it comes to her hair. Here she chose shoulder-length hair cut in a simple, straight cut to create a timeless hair look. The casual half-length updo adds only to the charm of this look.

2. Gray pixie cut

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

If you have trouble coping with your gray hair, you have looked at Jamie Lee Curtis. This gorgeous actress hugged her shades of gray and chose a trendy and sexy pixie cut. Well, she is a badass, if ever there was one!

3. Ash highlights on long wavy hair

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

Whoever said you have to cut your curls as you get older obviously did not know what he was talking about. Long hair in loose waves look graceful and still give your style statement a youthful charm. If you have blond hair, you can put a few subtle ash blonde accents to give some brightness.

4. Sandy Blonde Long Bob

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

Keep things simple and stylish with this long bob style that’s easy to style and maintain. Just color it in a light and airy sandy brown color and style it in scruffy waves for the ultimate, effortlessly cool look. You could also show off some platinum-blonde highlights to give this look some movement.

5. Curly golden blonde bob

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

Jessica Lange seems to be one of the women who only gets better with age. This is probably because she has learned to reach an elegant age by choosing styles that complement her age. This golden-blonde bob with disheveled curls is impressive proof of that.

6. Spiky Pixie Cut

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

Just because you’re getting old does not mean you have to give up your inner sense of style. If your taste for edgy and bold hair tends, you should definitely opt for this pixie cut, which is cut with a worn side. Style this cut in a few cool spikes with the help of a hair gel to round off the look.

7. The feathered blonde bob

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

This is a classic haircut for older women, if ever there was one. This short bob style with feathery edges and curved pony has withstood the test of time as it is suitable for almost any face shape and hair color. It looks especially good for blonde hair.

8. Straight, medium-length hair

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

If there’s a woman who knows how to keep her hair fresh, then it must be Diane Keaton. To embrace her shades of gray in all her splendor, she has chosen a silvery blonde hue in her mane. These beautiful strands have been styled straight and sleek with a black hat to add a touch of whimsy.

9. Rounded edge with straight cut

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

Who does not know Anna Wintour’s iconic short bob and pony? This straight-cut bob with rounded edges and blunt bangs is the epitome of sophistication with a touch of dignified humor. Look at this style and make sure you’re always in the trend (hehe … do you understand that?).

10. Voluminous Pixie

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

Hoo Boy, here’s a nasty haircut, if ever there was one! This sexy pixie cut style has literally reached new heights thanks to the voluminous lace he used to be styled. Angela Bassett’s sexy Smolder takes it to a whole new level.

11. Auburn Long Bob

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

For some years, Megan Mullally has been wearing this deep reddish-brown long tube, and we can see why she has stayed so long. This red toned hair look is perfect for adding a youthful exuberance to your look without being too bright.

12. Pastel pink layered bob

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

There are a few colors that will look good for all women regardless of their age. Pastel pink is one of them. Get your hair cut into a neatly layered bob and dye it in a soft pink tone to get that quirky yet restrained hair look.

13. Brown to Blonde Root Melt

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

Double tone jobs are great for bringing dull hair to life. This flawless, cool, tanned brown to blonde root melt does just that while her hair looks longer and healthier. Style this look and add some curved bangs to add a little youthful flair to your look.

14. Brunette Pixie with silver undercut

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

The word “fat” does not even describe the injustice that this haircut represents. There is the asymmetrical pixie with short ends cut off on one side and long lashes on the other side. Then there is the undercut at the back of the head, which makes this style appear extremely edgy. It was only taken to a different level by coloring the pixie in a cool, brown brown and leaving the undercut in its natural gray tone.

15. Slender angled bob

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

Older women have a sense of authority and calm that must be shown through their hair. This slender and slightly bent bob does just that and more. The light blonde color adds a touch of glamor to the overall look.

16. Platinum Blonde Locks

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

If we can learn something from Dolly Parton, you can wear platinum blonde hair, no matter how old you are. A stunning, platinum blonde hue is also perfect for hiding gray hair, if you want. Design this color for long, layered hair and loose waves to create a look that will take your breath away.

17. Brown and blonde mixed curls

17 elegant hairstyles for older women

If you want both the down-to-earth look of dark brown hair and the brightness of blonde hair, then you have a look that works just right for you. You could choose a mixed look with a chocolate brown and honey blonde look to create this beautiful two-tone look. The natural curls make this style look even more magical.

Well, there you have it! Our outline of the top hairstyles for older women! Do you think we did not miss good styles? Then please comment below.


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