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17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

20 fabulous Pixie hairstyles with pony 17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs November 16, 2018

In my humble opinion, this is the best combination] The Pixie cut consists of pointed layers of short hair that look magical when they are studded with pony. The best part of this look? No Rapunzel worries, no derailment every few hours and no hours of showers just to wash your hair! On the other hand, bangs help cover a large forehead, streamline your facial features, and look just amazing. This hairstyle is God’s gift to the woman.

Hooked? Scroll down to see the 17 most beautiful pony pony hairstyles that make you feel like a magical creature!

17 Fabulous Pixie Hairstyles with Pony

1. Pointed Bangs

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

RiRi always knows what looks good on her, so it’s no surprise that her hairstyles are always trendy. Look at this short elf with a pointed pony. If you have a big forehead, this hairstyle is perfect for covering it while flaunting your facial features.

2. The Domino Cut

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Keira Knightley is an amazing actress with stunning hair. For the role of the bounty hunter Domino she had to chop off her curls. The brown mixture really shows off the best of this pixie cut, and the pony helps to show her chin. The best part about this story is that she shot the last scenes of Pride And Prejudice with a wig because she had to do that haircut. I bet you did not even notice!

3. The Full Bangs Pixie

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Katie Holmes looks so young with this haircut! The pony directs all attention to eyes, nose and mouth. If you have thick hair, you have probably thought that a short haircut will ruin its volume. However, this is a pixie cut that brings out your hair volume wonderfully.

4. The Shag Pixie

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Hilary Swank’s features are a dream, and this hairstyle brings them to the fore. This layered pixie haircut was the IT hairstyle among the teenagers of the 90s. Kelly Clarkson and Mandy Moore also had this hairstyle.

5. Classic Pixie with a soft fringe

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Michelle Williams is the queen of short haircuts. She has decided on long hair for Pixies in recent years, and they fit her perfectly. It’s almost as if she was made for her! The soft pony pull the eye aside and emphasize her cheekbones.

6. Colored Bangs

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Everyone wants to try something nervous. The Pixie itself is a pretty edgy haircut, so how can you set it to eleven? Of course, adding some color to the pony! This slight addition does a lot to frame your face and flaunt your natural hair color.

7. Unequal bangs

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Unequal bangs are like a girl in school whose style is so different that it can only be subtracted from her. If you have a slender or long face, you will love this hair look. It softens all the hard lines in your face and looks ultra chic.

8. The Neat Pixie

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Many friends have told me that the Pixie cut is not suitable for a red carpet. Ginnifer Goodwin proves it wrong. A neatly combed pixie with some mousse is a brilliant hairstyle, not just for formal occasions, but also for work. I also like how she mixed the pony with the elf to show her baby hair.

9. Feathery pony

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

A feathered pixie with a slightly curved bangs can soften your chin line, especially if you have a diamond shaped face. By rejuvenating the pony, you can divert attention from asymmetrical facial features.

10. The deep Auburn Pixie

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Auburn is a hair color that is effective in all seasons. If you are looking for a change from your blond or brunette roots, you should consider this color to refresh your pixie. These Auburn bangs show Carey Mulligan’s skin tone and eye color in a wonderful way.

11. Undercut Pixie

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Scarlett Johansson has dark hair, of course, but she looks like she was born with blond hair. I love how she hugged those two colors with fauxcuts in this pretty, imitated punk. The blonde pony contrasts her dark stockings very well and fits perfectly to her skin tone.

12. Gradual Bronde Pixie

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

I love how this pixie starts short bangs that are starting to get longer and short on the back. This gradual pixie is a mix of Bob and Pixie. If you have two popular haircuts, putting them together for a stylish hairstyle is the next best thing.

13. Just-Woke-Up-Pixie

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Every woman wants to wake up and look stunning. For long hair, this is a task that is rarely achieved. This pixie pony combo really excels. Now you can wake up every morning with perfect-looking hair!

14. Thick Side Swept Bangs

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

If in doubt, choose deep, laterally curved bangs. They look great and frame your face. In addition, deep, side swept bangs can cover a large forehead without completely concealing it.

15. Bangs from above

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

If you have a falling hairline, this pixie can save your grace. The pony starts at the crown and falls forward, covering the receding hairline and framing your face up.

16. Blue Pixie with laterally curved pony

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Blue is the color of our earth. It is a soothing color and one of the most widely selected hair colors of all time. In combination with a whipped-out pixie haircut and a side-turned pony, this is a classic emo short hairstyle. Do not forget to complete your eyeliner!

17. The Hollywood Curl Pixie

17 fabulous pixie hairstyles with bangs

Pixie queen ScarJo lets us stagger with this awesome pixie. It’s perfect for any event on the red carpet. I love how the pony is picked up. You can achieve this look with some gel and a round brush.

These were my favorites for the 20 best Pixie haircuts with pony. If you could design your pony differently, how would you do that? Are you open to the idea of ​​cutting your locks? Let us know in the comments below.


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