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17 party hairstyles for long hair

19 party hairstyles for long hair 17 party hairstyles for long hair 4 December 2017

Your search for party hairstyles ends here. From wavy Chignons to slender ponytails we bring you hairstyles that are modern, slim and easy to do. Read on to get an overview of the most exciting long hair party hairstyles.

1. Wavy Chignon

17 Party Frisuren für langes Haar

Rebuilding the wavy Chignon by Kylie Minogue is a lot easier than it looks. Perfect for a Cocktail Party To replicate the hairstyle, first blow dry the hair with a volumizing gel. Make a side piece about five centimeters deep, stretch the crown and brush the hair into a low ponytail with a boar bristle brush. Once the ponytail is secured with a rubber band, divide it into three parts and gently comb it back. Wrap the hair in a loose knot, roll it towards the rubber and pin it down. Set with hairspray.

2. Messy Fishtail

17 Party Frisuren für langes Haar

Stewart’s ponytail has nothing we do not like. It’s heavy on the sides, messy at the top and structured all over. With this look, Kristen proves that a fishtail braid does not have to be very slim and shiny to look good. This braided hairstyle works well with curly or curly hair, and you can restore that look by braiding the hair French to your neck. Start a fishtail braid and then secure it with an elastic band. Pull the braid slightly apart to create a frizzy look so that some hair pieces fall around the front of your face. Finish with a texture spray.

3. Side swept

17 Party Frisuren für langes Haar

For the absolute diva look, try recreating Rita Ours seductive hairstyle. Blow-dry your hair and wrap it around a large brush. Create a deep side part. Then use a curling iron to lure two-inch sections of hair away from your face. Break the curls with your fingers and then the hairstyling to fix it.

4. Long wavy hairstyle

17 Party Frisuren für langes Haar

Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester’s outfit, simple hairstyle and flawless make-up are the kind of glamor and glamor that characterizes parties. Blow the hair upside down with your head to create a voluminous volume like that of Leighton, then use curly tongs to create loose, rolling waves. Make sure you turn the tool outward so the hair can open your face.

5. Bouffant ponytail

17 Party Frisuren für langes Haar

Is there anything sexier than this ponytail, especially when paired with a smoky eye? Paris Hilton has worn her ponytail several times, highlighting her already enviable bone structure. To achieve this look, all you need to do is pull back an upper section of hair with a soft comb from the crown and back of the head. Brush your hair back to cover the strained areas and create this fat. Secure your hair into a ponytail and spray a little hairspray so your hair does not unwind.

6. Waterfall netting

17 Party Frisuren für langes Haar

If your party agenda calls for a heavy and flirty look, Nina Dobrev’s waterfall braids along with swollen waves are perfect for the occasion. To get this look, take the top part of the hair and weave a crown around your head. Then drop pieces all around to create the waterfall effect. Perfect, right?

7. Side swept bangs

17 Party Frisuren für langes Haar

Kim Kardashian has won the style with this beautiful sideways curls. This dramatic hairstyle will surely delight you and is stylish and chic. To duplicate it for a party, create a deep side piece and use a wide-shaft curling iron to add volume around the face. Keep the ruffled pieces intact for a glamorous look like Kim’s.

8. Top knot

17 Party Frisuren für langes Haar

The slender nut of actress Lauren Conrad is perfect for a more formal occasion – not to mention the ideal style to show off a pair of statement earrings or neck. For damp hair, spray a light hair spray to hold. After blowing it dry, cut the hair in the middle and flatten it into a high ponytail. Wrap the ponytail to a top knot by winding the hair into a perfectly round shape. Fix with hair clips and finish with hair spray.

9. Braided bread roll

17 party hairstyles for long hair

Try this look if you have long and thick curls and are in the mood to try something out of the box. You may need the help of a stylist to get a flawless finish. Clean hairs from the sides are pulled out and braided with a braid on both sides. These are then gently withdrawn and tied as a bun at the back.

10. Messy hair

17 party hairstyles for long hair

To get a quick haircut for the party party, give the shoulder-length curls a few curls, brush them out, and lightly touch them with your fingers. For a windswept look on the front hair, use a roller brush on a hair piece and give it a move outward. At the end, apply some hair spray to hold on to everything.

11. Retro High Bun

17 party hairstyles for long hair

As the name suggests, this style needs hair on the crown to give it a high bun look. Brush the hair lightly for a volumized effect. Now gently brush the upper curls of the hair aside and fasten them behind the ears. This can lead to a great Indian party hairstyle for long hair, if only a few accessories like flowers are added. The perfect look for a retro party!

12. Rippling curls and waves

17 party hairstyles for long hair

If you are someone who has been struggling with frizzy hair all his life, here are some good news. They can be effectively designed to create a rocking haircut for a party. This is the kind of look you want to combine with a simple outfit, as this voluminous hairstyle is more in focus. Smooth the hair down to the scalp on the crown and gradually increase the volume as you move toward the shoulders. Freeze the look with a hairspray.

13. Messy Bangs And Tidy Braid

17 party hairstyles for long hair

A braided look is suitable for women of all ages. This is an interesting look that is a combination of tousled hair on the top and a neatly tied braid. This look can be adapted to the occasion, be it formal or semi-formal, by simply replacing the ruched top look with a tidy one.

14. Neat And Curly

17 party hairstyles for long hair

This is a versatile hairstyle that is suitable for hair of all textures. Brush part of the hair back in the middle of the head and attach it to the crown for a slightly raised look. Turn the rest of the hair into curly curls and frame them around the face for a soft, romantic look. This is a great look for a wedding.

15th Victory Rolls With Braid

17 party hairstyles for long hair

This is a bold, long-haired party hairstyle that requires the stylized touch of a professional hairdresser to cater to the top bouffant winning role with streaks or the subsequent multi-piece pigtails.

16. Extravagant party updo

17 party hairstyles for long hair

For this type of party updos for long hair you need the help of a stylist. Haircuts from near the ears and neck are braided and tied together. The hair from the front is rewound to form a series of intermeshing turns.

17. Straight and Sleek

17 party hairstyles for long hair

This sleek and shiny hairstyle with flat ironed fringes makes for a great look for a party. It’s sophisticated and trendy and will surely turn heads wherever you go.

These are some of the best party hairstyles for long hair. Be it cocktail parties, celebrations, family dinners or black tie shindigs, try these hairstyles.

The next time you have a company party or a cocktail party or dinner to attend, combine your outfit with a hairstyle that best suits your personality and gives you a confident look. You will surely be in the limelight.

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