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170 fashionable hairstyles for long hair 2018.

170 modische Frisuren für langes Haar 2018.

Fashion long, well-groomed hair will never come out. And the main trends of the coming year 2018 include hairstyles for a long length. Actual and multi-strand and bright colors and patchwork hairstyle.

The main trends of the season

The main trends are cascade and patchwork haircut. These hairstyles not only give the picture charm, but also provide the necessary volume of hair. And visually similar hairstyle looks natural.

In a fashionable combination of classic and relevance. Graduation is suitable for loose hair. A considerable amount of multilayer coatings guarantees volume and increases, if only visually, the mass of strands.

In trend cascade complex. It starts at the bottom of the occipital zone. To the liner tips, reduce the distance and keep the volume of the entire hairstyle, as shown in the photo in our gallery.

The cascade is more impressive in combination with ombra staining or tinting in bright colors. Especially in demand is the Shatush technique, which burns a bit in the sun.

An interesting solution is for blondes: to make the tops cooler than they are, ash tones or dyed in soft pastel colors.

Cascades and ladders

Understanding cascades is another trend. The rating is assumed only for the tip, the maximum in the hair contains three layers. The variant, which is recognized as traditional, suits the owners of perfectly straight strands.

In the coming year, cascading hairstyles will go completely back. There should be no small ladders around the face. It aims to create a smooth frame that accentuates the oval face. If pony, then flat and long or large curls, blends with the overall styling.

Pretty thick haircut is needed as a warning for the lace section. But that’s not just trimming! In the trend of creative processing the quintessence pryadok. Actual and straight sections. Geometry goes well with bangs smooth and clear. There should be no soft transitions here.

A new trend becomes a cut in the form of V. The side cascades and form a triangle. The pages themselves are shorter and the maximum length stays in the middle (see photo). Such edges emphasize the beauty of the backbend and the elegance of the waist.

The edge can be oval. This step is more traditional. Such a decision does not hurt the hair length, it is also no obstacle to weaving: the difference is too small. The brightness control with this option is not required.

Much preferable natural color. The effectiveness of the disc provides fullness and density of the hair. Therefore, cascades are preferable for a thin hair.

If you want to update the image without changing the radical length, you can choose a ladder with vystriganiem “sills” just near the face. The fall of the lateral strands perfectly corrects for broad cheekbones.

The same haircut done not bad with the rounding of overly long drawn people. Suitable hairstyle owner of persons with round, square or rectangular shapes.

Rack and Bean 2018

The elongated quad changes slightly. The diagonal next year starts with the middle of the neck and the lower tips reach the chest. This option is good for owners of very long strands who are very sad to get cut off, and traditional hairstyles have already set teeth on the edge.

A similar option – an elongated bean just below the shoulders. The volume of the styling will add little curls. The bevel cut can also be, but not as conspicuous as in the square. The difference between the length of the hair behind and before is not allowed more than a few inches.

Hair dyeing is allowed for every type of hair. And all variations of the square and oblong bean are suitable for a natural hair tone. Extra volume provides a color transition from dark roots to lighter peaks. Stylish Bob is recommended to be made in color: Blue, Blue, Pink Shades in Trend 2018.


Since pony was and remains out of fashion, they are always in vogue. Relevant in the coming year will remain geometrically uniform. They are perfect with smooth, unkempt haircuts. For rounded hairstyles, the ponies are already selected, the elongated diagonals are good with the same bob, quads, cascade.

If the person is diagonal and long, then you can make a color accent with it: make it brighter or darker. Led in the choice of shade worth skin tone. With oblique pony the color strands are successful. Here both dark blue tones and pink are good for brunettes. Blondes will go more pastel option.

2018 styling

There are no special styling requirements in 2018. Beautiful curls. In this case, for such a perm the most recommended cascading haircuts. In the case of a graduation, the tips of the special styling do not have to scroll on their own. For greater efficiency, the strands are wound on a large curling iron, the curls are folded back or placed on a shoulder.

Bob requires slightly curly curls or moderate curls. With them the styling gets texture density and volume. And the roundness of the forms for a stylish haircut is necessary. A small perm is allowed for a variety of images. With a suitable length such strands can be collected in the tail. Looks very impressive and very stylish.

In the trend of all kinds of creative weaving. But with every choice, the braid should be a little careless: Strictness is not trendy. And on the basis of the spit, various “baskets”, “snails”, grapes are possible.

Fashionable styling options

Among the trendy hairstyles – low tails. Stylists’ option is currently recommended. It is very easy to do a hairstyle. The main thing is to smooth the surface perfectly and to focus on it with bright, stylish and high-quality accessories.

Tails and harnesses

No iron or styling agent is needed to smooth the surface. A good alternative to salon products is silk. A scarf tied over your head and let it through the night the next morning, you can admire perfectly straight strands. And to create such grandeur, a low tail of work will not do.

Tight harnesses are also a trend piling option. With the ability to bundle strands, there are no limits to the construction of luxurious pictures. Strands are separated on the sides, twisted into flagella, invisibly fixed in the neck. The remaining uncollected hair is collected in a low tail.

Curls and waves

Festive option – volume lures. They are created using great curlers or carving styling. In the latter case, the effective curls last about six months.

For the Hollywood wave needed paint, styling foam, braces. Moisten the Pryadki lightly. Apply to the places laying the foam or mousse. The main thing is not to use too many resources, so as not to be untidy.

Dry with the hair dryer, assign an equivalent porter. Create waves, fix clips. Closures from bottom to top for a natural effect. Paint repairs every wave. Carefully comb the locks with a large comb. Apply hair shine.


Slight negligence is the trend of the year. The dirt is excellent: one has the impression that the breeze gently ruffles the hair. To create a hairstyle, the hair is washed and slightly moistened with a towel. Give a little foam or mousse.

Head tilted down, dried strands of hair without a comb. Select pryadochki, repair each varnish. For production, a matt, matt special powder is applied.


A particular trend is weaving. They are perfectly combined with loose strands, beams, tails. In the trend of the most varied variations of fish tails, waterfalls, flagella, French and Dutch pigtails, wreaths, four-pointed pigtails. A very effective version is a fishtail with bright threads woven into the strands.

Spit-boho looks good. But this option is more of a summer. Under the heading, weaving is pretty tight. Then the form remains unchanged and the styling will look neat.


Do not give away positions that charm “Babette”. It is universal. Suitable for every day and for solemn exits. There are enough variations, from a lightly careless bundle to a carefully laid roller decorated with flowers, spectacular hairpins and edges.

New trends are shaved in the neck or in the temples. Such variations allow you to save the length of your hair and shock the usual image of boldness. On the one hand, the temple is shaved in its entirety with shorn patterns, on the other hand, it is a classic style.

Straight thick bangs are ideal for medium to long hair. Addition to the hairstyle will successfully mask the excessive width of the face and forehead.

No matter what hairstyle is chosen, from the stern tail to the romantic cascade waterfall, it will not be a winner to look at the split-off, dull hair. But let him take care of a long and tedious time, but time is worth it.

Luxurious, well-groomed strands, straight or twisted curls make the owner of such a hair stand out. And a wealth of styling options transforms strict and prudish business women with relaxed female lighters.

170 modische Frisuren für langes Haar 2018.


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