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2 simple hairstyles for fall: Double Back Side Braids

2 simple hairstyles for fall: Double Back Side Braids

The summer is coming to an end and the school is in full swing. Seasons are a time of transition and there is nothing better than to embark on a new phase of life. Switch on your hair routine and try something new. This is an easy way to welcome you in the new season with some small changes. Today I will share two hairstyles that are easy to do, but a little different from the average braid and curls. Try it and enjoy the new weather of fallen leaves and clear air, with a brand new you.

To create the look:

1 / With a side panel, take a two-inch triangle on one side of your part and braid to the ends and secure it against your head with a hairpin.

2 / Just below, plait a second section of hair, wrap it around your head and fix it.

3 / Perform the same steps on the other side and fasten them near the ends of the first braid.



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