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2019 Pixie hairstyle trends

Pixie hairstyles are timeless and popular. They are always in demand, as many women want to get rid of damaged, annoying and dull hair and short pixie cuts come to the rescue. As they evolve from time to time, you should find out about the latest pixie hair trends for 2019 . Here you are!

2019 Pixie hairstyle trends Undercut Pixie Hairstyle

Although undercuts are too hard for women as they are male hairstyles, stylists have found cool ways to make them softer and more girlish. If you like contrasting cuts, long and short combinations, then you can try an undercut as a trendy hairstyle idea, but make sure it does not take away your femininity. Color your locks in a light or bicolor shade for a better finish and avoid dark hair colors. Style in structured, wavy and sophisticated hairstyles. Under cuts are usually scraped on one side, but you can use too short cuts instead. 2019 Pixie hairstyle trends Slicked back Pixie hairstyle

One of the most popular prom hairstyle ideas for pixie haircuts is the back-curled hairstyle. It’s a different male inspired hairstyle, but looks more feminine with the right styling techniques. Instead of getting too smooth and wet-look effects, go for voluptuous and refreshed back-combed hairstyles to make your pixie cut festive. It goes without saying that your hair color plays a big role. The trendier and fresher it is, the more beautiful your hairstyle will look. 2019 Pixie hairstyle trends Platinum Blonde Pixie Hairstyle

Here you will find a fancy hair color that you can choose for pixie cuts. It’s the lavish platinum blonde that works well with most tones, from light to dark. Dark-skinned celebrities with short pixie hairstyles often prefer platinum blonde hair colors to loosen up their style. It is an ethereal hair color and tends to make short hair cuts as tender as possible. 2019 Pixie hairstyle trends Mohawk Pixie Hairstyle

Spikes taken to the next level will give us fantastic and amazing Mohawk hairstyles. If you have trendy highlights on your pixie cut and it’s a bit full-grown, you’ll get an incredible Mohawk hairstyle. Mohawks work best with straight and thick hair. They are made with strong-adhering hairstyling products such as gels, sprays and waxes. 2019 Pixie hairstyle trends Uneven Pixie hairstyle

Girls who prefer extravagant and original hairstyles make their choice between the latest uneven haircuts. Asymmetrical and contrasting shapes make hairstyles very interesting and striking. Like Pixies, they give us limitless ideas on how to spread with asymmetrical haircuts. You can find asymmetric undercuts with short side swept haircuts or shaggy razor cuts. 2019 Pixie hairstyle trends


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