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250 hairstyles for long hair 2017. Photo Fashion Styles.

250 Frisuren für langes Haar 2017. Foto-Mode-Stile.

Watch out for a spectacular hairstyle long before it’s time to remove the cap and demonstrate to the surrounding beauty of the hair. And the reason is not only that it is necessary to take care of a well-groomed hair.

250 Frisuren für langes Haar 2017. Foto-Mode-Stile.

Beautiful hairstyle – this is one of the main secrets of female charm. Anything that does not like fashion women leaves, finds no answer in their hearts. But all the best, shapes, techniques and colors remain.

In today’s edition of the magazine for women – “Raznoblog” we will present a large collection of photos of different hairstyles and hairstyles for long hair. Our gallery contains over 250 photos showing the main trends of the long hairstyles of the 2017 season.

Some of these photos were sent by our regular readers and we thank them for that. We hope that every woman with medium and long hair in this article will find a hairstyle that appeals to her and that you can easily do with your own hands at home without the help of a professional hairdresser or stylist.

Trends of the season 2017

Long hair is a recognized symbol of femininity and tenderness. And taking care of such hair takes a considerable amount of time, but the results are obvious. And because the main trend of fashion 2017 is the natural beauty of hair. The length depends on personal wishes, there are no restrictions.

One of the trends of 2017 is the effect of wet hair, as in the local photographs. He is very popular in the new season. Make it easy for you. During installation, a little gel is applied to the strands to achieve this effect. And here it is important not to overdo it with the amount of styling. And then you can comb back the hair and fix the side darts. You can create a spectacular pony wave or create careless oxen along the entire length.

In the ideal case, defects hide, the task pops. There are many options and everyone works for the benefit of the owner. Vano only competently chooses “his” beautiful pony. Semicircular “arches” smooth the angularity of the features. Suitable option for too thin or prone to fatty streaks. The combed side gives the picture a neat and neat look in all situations. Rare hair? The bang is necessarily milled: the styling becomes volumetric.

The coming season will lead to the leaders of thick and long pony. Options are good for women with round faces or with a high forehead. A universal pony tatters: They rejuvenate well and look elegant.

The new season offers hairstyles for superlevels: do not comb – and the most fashionable styling is ready (see photo)! And the secret is that the grunge style of 2017 will be very popular. Untidy locks look like the merit of their condition – the wind. Dry the hair as usual to achieve a stylish styling, put on a little mousse and lightly brush the hair on the head. To fix the form, you can use lacquer.

Boho style – vintage. But the lack of styling difficulties has made hairstyles the most up-to-date among young people. Even a fashionable hairstyle is not necessary: ​​more than enough well-groomed hairstyle. Well, if the streaks are a little nervous, they are slightly crumpled or twisted while drying. And for volume and obedience of hair – foam.

And again pony and knot …

In the trend of a variety of cascades for long hair and the presence of pony. The last kinds of beautiful hairstyles are suitable for those who do not dare to say goodbye to their usual length, but want to update their image. An Italian hairstyle looks interesting and stylish on a long hairline. Its peculiarity lies in the depth and frequency of the “steps”. The Strika with fine strands works perfectly and creates a spectacular volume. But the “cap” should not stand out from the hair. Because stylists complement his asymmetry and graduation.

Bang short? Do not select this option: It is not relevant in 2017. It is necessary to extend the length at least to the cheekbones or to comb it to one side, as can be seen in the photo in our gallery.

The good news is that stylists offer the most convenient options. Trendy ballerina knots, carefree styling with a light texture. Flowers also lead in naturalness. But in trend and naturalness and rainbow brightness. They can light up. But even without such a step it will work: It will not affect the style negatively. But the abundance of paint and the dominance of asymmetry is not expected.

Styling relevant carefree textured options and high hair with accessories (see photo). Layered and extensible hair is very courtly. Creative solution – bumpy pony in the style of Baby Grand. This detail of the picture looks like a child hastily cutting off the bang with her mother’s scissors until the adults notice the work of the young barber. It will really make you think: how to get out of this option, or better.

In addition to the knots in the services of fashionistas, tails and braids, classic hairstyles for long hair. If at the base of the tail small loops are formed from the free strands to mask the hairpins, you will get a very interesting effect. The long harness with success will replace the usual braid.

French twist – old-fashioned hairstyle? It’s like wearing it! Combines a stylish hairstyle with a business image and with the evening. True, she can not stand the cruise. Most decorative spiders at the base – their naturalness. Instead of a brush, it is worthwhile to take a large-toothed comb and make mirror-to-mirror manipulations: Surely you get stylish carelessness!

From the accessories – small clips, big hairpins. A pair of flagella on the head is a very good alternative to the long tail. Laying, fixing varnish – and preparing a good hairstyle for the whole day. Long curls? Naturally! It will not take more than six months, and the trend will be the starring role in the world of long hair hairstyles. With such a long cascading haircut looks great.

It is impossible to surprise anyone with overhead hairstyles. But the stylists were able to surprise here. Naturalness in the trend, but that does not apply to the wrong hair: They just look natural and should not! Yes, and floral accessories are relevant. The decoration of locks with large fern or palm leaves is an obvious novelty.

Casual – an option for every day. Choose a few strands of light and use a pair of pens. That’s the whole styling. The picture is carelessly relaxed. And the cleansed hair is sincerity and sincerity. This option is relevant for weekdays.

Sloping fashionable separation is better to create with your fingers. Some strands rise and create extra volume. And of course, pony should not be forgotten.

If the face is round, you should choose the oblique option, as in the photo below. Oval shape – all options are good. But the long and slanted pony visually reduces the face, so it is not very recommendable for owners of miniature shapes. Square face fits pony asymmetrically. But Arc Classic is for a triangular face.

And so long locks with the same pony – that’s a classic. With this combination, good and ladders and layered cascading variations and grunge haircuts.

Stylish long hairstyles 2017

Well, and when the pony is tired, you can weave it into a beautiful and stylish braid. The hairstyle will be trendy. By the way, oblique bangs are almost universal. It does not just look curly, but there is a way out. You can after all work and ironing. But the braids and bundles pop up noticeably.

To create a fashionable version, stretch the page and divide it into three parts. From them weave a braid. It is attached with a thin rubber band. You can stretch the strands to get the web volume. Actions are duplicated on the other side of the face. The braid is pulled back, fixed with invisible heads and starts to work with the curling iron, twisting the thin strands. Curls spray paint. This is ready for a spectacular evening style.

Long hair and shaved neck are a trend in fashion in the 2017 season. In addition, stylists are confident that such options will gradually deviate from the age restrictions. It is true, it is necessary to wear such a structure that pulls up the mass of hair. Otherwise, the effect disappears. But the advantage is obvious: you can always hide the excessive extravagance of the picture.

And you can choose any pattern, from smooth lines to intricate ornaments. All options look harmonious with a hairstyle. With shaved neck towards the temple, side bouquets help to successfully hide the creativity of the hairstyle. But fashion is fashion and the hairstyle is chosen according to its characteristics. If any options are suitable for thick hair then a low head volume and lack of smooth hairstyles is required.

Trendy 2017 Hairstyles for Long Hair

The long cascade is perfect: the hairstyle is universal. It looks good on thin strands, adds volume and thickness and makes it less heavy. But curly hair Cascade hairstyle is not so necessary: ​​the volume of such hair is enough without additional tweaks.

Ladders with flowing transitions from short to long strands are also a stylish and trendy option. And a square and rounded shape of the face such a hairstyle closer to the oval. The laying will help to perform light mousse, brushes and hair dryer. Although it is possible to twist the tips both inside and out, they must always be in perfect condition. And for this hairstyle must constantly monitor. It looks interesting ladder in the tail. But you should not remove it near the face.

Trendy and torn haircut. This is an option for thick and dense hair. The picture looks easy and gentle. Perfect combed hairstyle with coloring. You can choose the shade of the tips a few tones darker than the bulk, and you can make a bright contrast. Classic styling – and the image gains an elegant sophistication and looks youthfully defiant and provocative with a comb on the side.

Universal and long caret. Looks very stylish hairstyle with elongated front strands. But with curly hair it is better to give up the fashionable option: too annoying care.

Asymmetry is an option for dynamic and decisive. You can choose a side pop. And you can make hair with different hair lengths on both sides of the face. A great solution is an asymmetrical bob with elongated bars on the back and the desired length in front. Hairstyle looks and original and very stylish.

Well-groomed long hair is always feminine and spectacular. And with a properly chosen hairstyle, the picture looks stylish, amazing and conquers others. Therefore, you should not only consider fashion trends, but also remember your features.

Gallery of photos of women’s long hairstyles 2017

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250 Frisuren für langes Haar 2017. Foto-Mode-Stile.


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