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300 beautiful hairstyles for girls for long and medium hair.

300 wunderschöne Frisuren für Mädchen für langes und mittleres Haar.

Mothers of girls have to invent something special every day for their beauty: how to make a hairstyle so that the child does not interfere with the garden or the school and looks spectacular? But not everyone knows that there are hairstyles that do not take much time and look very stylish. And some of them mothers can even take care of themselves. In today’s edition you will see over 300 photos of all kinds of beautiful hairstyles for girls. In our gallery you will find styling on medium, long and short hair.

Children’s haircuts

When the wave of worship of all kinds of weaving started with their own hands, short haircuts were wrongly forgotten. But that does not mean that the elegant% 22Beans% 22 “or fluffy should be left up to better times. When the hair is perfectly shaped, it is the best option for the shoulders. However, there is a permanent problem in their chronic disorder is to perform optimal garcon with accentuated tips

Haircuts are both simple and stylish, as in the local photos. They hold the volume on the crown and cut it in the back of the head. And as the possibilities for girls of all ages.

The most difficult category is preschool girls. Here her mother has to spend a lot of time to style her princesses. Strands are too thin to be volumetric. The baby will not be able to sit motionless for a long time without turning his head in different directions. And in active games the hairstyle created by the mother with such difficulty tries to crumble.

Unfortunately, there are no universal solutions. But there are very useful options that do not require super effort. And the first idea is dyed rezinochki. With their help, you can braid several braids or pick up glowing tails in fifteen minutes. Such simple devices will help a considerable number of mothers.

Hairstyles for the kindergarten

It is assumed for some reason that it is simply impossible to generate transitions of medium length. But everything is much simpler: just pass the loose strands! And a little secret. Babies really like everything, including the hairstyle, to mimic mom. Therefore, it is possible to create grapes without worry at the head of the children, without forgetting fashionable bows.

The latter is one of the safest friends of the crumbs to the heaviest second class. An alternative to the bow will be funny ears with a wire frame. When we talk about hairdo at kindergarten, there is no room for exaggeration. It pays to pay attention to the tires. It is wrapped in strands or just hidden between the curls. And that’s all: A stylish festive hairstyle will be ready in a few minutes. If you have time, you can stop paying attention to the lush bunches and knots.

For the first prom in kindergarten, you can decorate the hair with flowers, and more complex decorations of ribbons or metal, it is desirable to leave for more adult activities. Although there are exceptions. Thin tiaras or imitation laces are suitable.

Hairstyles for school for long and middle hair

Hairstyles for primary school graduates – a special interest (see photo). The girls are not adults yet, but no more crumbs. And usually these young ladies want something cool. The solution may be a true crown of weaving, adorned with butterflies, a splendid bundle of ornaments, or a natural bow. But it’s worth remembering that even a ten-year-old local girl will strengthen you for a short time. So it is possible to remember the tire.

The older the girl, the easier her hairstyle will be. Typically, the school does not need many bright hairpins and subtleties. Perform an asymmetrical accent of three pigtails optimally.

In general, the different diagonal braids are the epitome of the boho version of the school style. And on today’s iconic Valentine’s Day, it’s modern and romantic, endowing the hair with little hearts of thin strands stretched in different directions.


Since weaving has long been a true artistic element, simple hairstyles with tails and tufts are perfect with voluminous braids, as in the photos in our large gallery. Also fashionable variations with multiple braids, tie bands. The result is an improvised stitch, a real highlight for special occasions. If we even choose simple drawings, then it’s pretty clear that “fish tails” and “Danish braids” are the top names. And an honorable third place is given to a twisted spit created by several scourges.

Actually, and a combination in an edition of “> several versions of the image. The picture looks strict but effective. Do not forget the grid of the braids. Such hairstyles are good in elementary school and suitable for dance performances in high school. The main advantage – not a single strand of this design will not be knocked out. With limited time a few “tracks” are enough.

Simple hairstyles

At the center of the simplest hairstyles for girls is usually the side parting. Complete it with a variety of weavings, bouquets or bright ornaments. A special charm creates styling curls. In five minutes you can create the perfect hairstyle – tails. It is sufficient to catch the weights in several places with rubber bands – and the pretty picture is ready. And it is possible to build from segments and a mesh.

You can not underestimate the harnesses, so with their help, even a short haircut is transformed.

Festive hairstyles

If the same special case has arrived, for which the usual hairstyle is not suitable, it is time to think about a festive option. For example, weaving “Herringbone”, as in the photo.


First you have to braid the usual braid. It is possible and green for her cook of three to six transparent gums. Strands are combed smooth, the upper third is raised at the back of the head and fixed with an elastic band. The tail is divided into a pair of bars: the top and the bottom. Each of them is also divided in half.

Next, wrap the upper halves of the upper halves, fix them with elastic bands, and immediately stretch them to the sides without waiting for weaving. If you leave the stretch before the end of weaving, the strands become bound asymmetrically. The stroke continues into the occipital zone.

The remaining strands are taken in a low tail. Pass it through the fabric to hide the lower rezinochki. To decorate Christmas trees are perfect rivets. They are attached to the base of the stem, ie where the hair is fixed with rubbers. If the hairpins are more than three, they do not look random in the hairstyle.

corrugated cardboard

If you want so much out of the ordinary and there’s absolutely no time, then you can create an original version in half an hour. Start by sharing the hair “separated” parting. The braids are spun on the sides and the hair from the “teeth” hung on the curls. The results are fixed with tape.

Leave the center temporarily without attention. Weaving tips under Rezinochek handle curling, pre-bending them. Can squeeze the hair before weaving. The braids on the back of the head are brought together, the gums are removed, the second tissue is fixed. The lacing is freely wrapped around the structure to hide the connection


One of the most attractive hairstyles is the “Double Chain”. Interestingly, the hairstyle looks complicated, and not much time is required for its creation.

The hair is separated by apex and forms a pair of tails on the sides. From above, two strands are picked up and connected to a common simple knot. The hair is laid in the direction of the second tail. After five centimeters tied back with a bunch of strands. Repeat similar actions until the tips. Fix invisible or rubber band.

The same “chains” are generated by the second tail. Loser Pryadochki gathered in the flagellum spiral and slightly held the “snail” in his hand. Fix tails with hairpins inside. If a girl has medium-length hair, then hairstyles for long “hairs> are quite suitable for her”. only in this case are the chains two h>

Princess hairstyle

Often the favorite hairstyles of girls are curls, stretched out freely on the shoulders. It will take half an hour for this installation. This time a small Egoza should sit quietly so that Mama could handle a curling iron.

Remove already dried strands., Starting with the lower curls. On the curling they wrap in spirals. The girls’ hair is thin and does not have to be turned into whole layers: they divide into three or four parts. Fingers straighten curls, do not use brushes so as not to stretch the hair.

Hairstyles for special occasions

When we pick up a festive outfit, remember that the hairstyle should be the same as the picture. And we must not forget that spectacular hairstyles are not always elephants in the execution. Hair is collected so they do not disturb the girl. Mom stands for the festive variations and picks up “five-minute styling”. Then time is not necessary for the creation.

Thus interesting weaving is created in several modifications. Both the mother and the small owner of a length of sufficient length can cope with the creation. Start by picking up the high tail of the entire scalp hair. Split it in half.

A thin strand is distinguished from the bottom right and woven to the left. Do the same with the left strand. The weaving is repeated to the desired result, wherein the braid is fixed with an elastic band.

If parents want their daughter to overshadow the celebration, then the hairstyle is easy and very effective. It is suitable for long hair and medium “.>

On the back of the head, the strands are separated, taken in the tail, fixed with an elastic band. Free hairs are divided by locks, fixing with rubbers. There are seven small tails around the entire head circumference: the top three, a pair of side and bottom. There are a few strands of every cock. They are connected by flagella, which are attached with pins. The same steps are repeated with the rest of the tails.

Common cock connects the remaining tips. A strand of hair from the common tail is folded in half, and a bunch of remaining strands are rotated around them. Fixing hairstyles – pins and decor – bow. There is a variation with the transformation of the original tails into exquisite braids.

Hairstyles for short hair

If a girl’s hair is cut short, she can be laid effectively. Even if the length does not reach to the shoulders, the hairstyle will be tender and beautiful.

Start with page separation. In a circle weave a French braid, which seizes strings from different sides. Weave complete tricorne diagonally. Fixing it with Rezinochkoy, placed in the middle of parting, piercing with pins. For decoration use beautiful hairpins in a single color scheme, in harmony with the dress “the.>

For ten-year-old princesses who want to resemble more adult girlfriends, hairstyles are suitable with elements of adult styling. Start by dividing the entire mass of curls into three parts. Every fix clings.

Weave the side of the French braids. From the top of the hair braid a common braid.All three braids are interwoven, free fixation with an elastic band. The tail is folded in the middle. Edges stretch to the sides, locking pins. You can fix the styling varnish.

For girls of twelve years is another option. First of all, a strand is separated on the back of the head. It is taken in the tail and fixed with a rubber band. The usual French braids are spun on the right side and complete the tail and side strands. Ready weave ordinary oblique. Likewise weave left. Both braids are loosely connected and fixed with an elastic band.

Hairstyles for ballroom dancing

For dancing hairstyles already regulated by a special code. Hair should not interfere with the movement. The hairstyle must be completely in line with the style of dance, costume, face shape and dance category. Optimally choose the option that is equally suitable for Eurostyle and Latino program. The easiest way – a bunch with spectacular decor.

The head of the hair washed, dried. treated with styling gel. Take the locks in the tail, twist the tourniquet. Assign several thin barriers. They are then provided with mounting pins.

It is customary to decorate hairstyles with pearls and rhinestones. After laying, ask the owner to shake their hair with their heads to make sure the construction is reliable. Doing buffaloo on short hair, laying the gel and laying, completing the decor. A standard hairstyle takes about one and a half hours.

New Year hairstyles

During the beginning of the miracle hairstyles choose fabulous. Much depends on the selection of a suit. But mostly for girls choose high hairstyles with curls or loose curls with sequins or snowflakes.

“Everyday” hairstyles

If there is no extra time in the morning, several options help the child to create a spectacular hairstyle. For example, tails crosswise. Many curls near the face are split in two, each with rubber bands. Then both are crossed, another pair of tails made and the rest of the hair added. You can vary by creating your variations and repeating the reception several times.

For a comfortable hairstyle, the sides of the face are separated by a pair of strands and twisted with flagella. Then the harnesses are knotted and fixed with a rubber band underneath. Will learn quickly and effectively.

For a reversed tail, divide the hair with a side vertex. Arrange on one side a thin strand near the face, turn the tourniquet. Carefully collect the remaining strands, add flagellates and take a low tail that shifts slightly from the center to the side. Leave slightly rezinochku, make a hole at the base of the tail, pull the hair inside.

For the triple inverted tail, the variation is more interesting. Start the hair with a tail above. He is wrapped in. Next, make another tail a little lower. The tip of the first tail grabs and falls off too. Similarly, you do several tails this way. It will be more interesting to move them away from the center.

In an asymmetric beam, the portion of the curls is split into a side separation and taken to the side of the tail. Twist it with a string, assembled in a bun. Hairstyle fixes elastic or two. For fixation of lost hair – stealth.

For triple braids, it is not necessary to weave French braids. First, weave a braid off the top of the hair and fix the top with an elastic band. The part of the hair is separated in the middle, the first braid is placed in the middle, weaves another, also with an elastic band. Repeat the action again. After the end of the last weaving, the ends are woven into a single weave and twisted.

A few tails – hair very reliable. For them, the hair near the face are divided into two parts, taken in the tails and connected with a part of the hair a little lower. Fix the design with an elastic band. After making several tails, they take all their hair. You can walk at the end of the tail or braid with a scythe.

For the original braids near the face, divide the entire hair mass into two pieces and braid a pair of braids. Both are connected by a spectacular knot, which fixes the ends with an elastic band or winds it in a skein. Certainly invisible.

For the original ray, take hair in a high tail. Do not pull through the rubber end, leave a loop. Its free part is divided into two parts in the middle. Behind the design is fixed invisible. It remains to straighten the improvised bow with his hands.

Spectacular and pretty simple hairstyles for girls of all ages are enough. It is not necessary to go to the barber with the baby, so that the daughter is most beautiful at the matinee or a festive evening. Just select the appropriate option and follow all instructions carefully.

300 wunderschöne Frisuren für Mädchen für langes und mittleres Haar.


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