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300 beautiful hairstyles for short, medium and long hair.

300 schöne Frisuren für kurzes, mittleres und langes Haar.

Fashion fashionable women value time very high. Therefore, they want to make their hair as fast as possible, but the styling should look as effective as possible. And it’s more than likely that wishes come true. Below is a gallery of 300 photos of beautiful and stylish ladies hairstyles and hairstyles for medium, short and long hair. Most of them can make your own hands easy at home.

Beauty hair in five minutes

For a spectacular light “hairstyle” from Flagella, you’ll need to prepare three elastics to adjust the hair. Hairpin for making and varnish for fixing.

The top of the hair is insulated, fastened with an elastic band, stretch it through the collected hair. Spread a few more side strands and tie the tail under the first pull. So do a few laps. Strands are connected by a single tail under all turns. Decorate with any hairpins or as it is.

For the t% C3% “hairstyle” with weaving, prepare rivets, rubber bands, clips. Arrange the order, from ear to ear, firm clip on the forehead.

Lichen “they pull a braid” from left to right, they stretch the strapping weave behind the ear. at the front, the fixed hair is felt with the same sense and donated fixed under the ground.>

For a stylish jet, prepare them stealth, paint, comb for combing and Rezinochku. The hair is taken in the tail, sprinkled with paint, combed. Collected in a bundle of the desired shape and fixed invisibly.

For a spectacular homemade hair on long hair, prepare hairpins rubber styling tools. divide them in three parts parallel to each other. it is w to make the middle a little thicker. The opposite weaving str stretching the cock hidden in the braid. on the left side are intertwined. fasten bolt main braid.>

For a beautiful cock will require only rezinochki. The tail is taken from the side or from behind, after making several turns through the strands. Below is fixed with another rubber band, make several turns. Repeat until the end of the hair.

For an elegant web chain rezinochki need. Knotted hair tail. On each side they separate a pair of strands, wrap the middle of the tail with them, fix them with an elastic band. The actions are repeated to the end of the length, with the strands being pulled at the end.

In a three-sided spikelet, the spikelet is woven, leaving the tip hairs on the sides. The scythe is attached with rubber. Two strands twist a spiral, fix it along the length of the braid and stretch.

For a light bundle, prepare studs, staples, rubber bands. First turn your hair in big curls. Take the tail. A strand is fixed, the rest of the hair of the tail is wound around it. All strands are loosely bound, wrapped inside and fixed invisibly.

For long hair use chewing gum. Several strands of Vydela, tie the rest. Pull the tail through the rubber band, lower the tie with another strand and add one after the other, repeat. The remaining length is hidden under the stowage.> For hairstyles use rose hairpins with elastic bands. Start weaving braids along the entire length. Collect weaving bagels, set at the beginning of the work. The tips turn into curls.

For laying on the basis of the car “use the same chewing gum invisibly bowing. the upper part of hair is picked up by a tail rolled up by a rubber band until br w to it raising the lower pryadochki leaving open. Decorate meeting place for all pryadok bow or hairpin.>

For hairstyles on curly hair at home we only need a hairpin. on the hair weave to the middle of the head. the sense is twisted and picks up a knot

For quick styling, pair two short strands of hair with elastic bands on the back. Similarly, run the following strands over the rubber band. The entire design is not decorated in any way.

For a hairstyle from a pair of braids, divide the hair in two, weaving from the top and bottom parts of the braid on one side, like a waterfall. Wire both braids together in a spiral.

Hairstyles based on the tail

For a spectacular hairstyle with your own hands at home you only need a stud, rubber band, comb and lust. The main square for the beam. Start with a high tail. You put a bagel on it. The hair is pinched. The remaining tips weave in pigtails. They wrap the base of the beam. Fix styling paint.

Simple styling is not just saved and celebrities. So, Jessica Alba, as in the photo, darkened all the Greek hair. And to create an analog you only need a few minutes. Strands take a low tail and scroll several times around the fingers.

For laying “with a tail” side separation. On each side weave braids. At the top and bottom, add hair to each bond. Weave in the middle and connect both braids with a rubber band in one.

Sometimes a normal tail is transformed into a volumetric one with the help of harnesses. In the lower side of the tail take half of the hair. The rest is divided into three parts, each twisted with straps. They wrap the tail and decorate a nice rubber band.

Beautiful hairstyles help and for lack of time. Begin by weaving a French braid by gradually removing hair from the temples and forehead. They bring the weaving to the head and take the hair in the tail. Fix hair with varnish. It turns out to be a stylish option with a slight negligence.

Hairstyles for every day

For some hairstyles, time is no obstacle: they are always trendy. So voluminous tops, braids, fleeces and braids do not lose their popularity. However, before coming to modern versions, stylists recommend using thermal protection and straightening strands with an ironing machine. No bad help and no rippling.

The simplest are braids. For them, a little mousse is applied to the dried hair. In full length. Take the hair in a high cock. Divide it in two parts. Every part is tightly twisted. Both nest and wrap one on one. The top is attached with rubber.

Special attention is given to the weaving of fishtails. With a try, even beginners master the technique. The principle is reduced to the fact that the hair mass is divided into two parts and only extremely thin strands are used in weaving, which are gradually shifted to the middle. And by pulling the bottom-up strand, they get a broken braid.

Variations of braid enough. But “Waterfalls” are so spectacular that it is worthwhile to master the hair technique. The first interlacing takes place as in a normal network. On the next cover the lower strand is released. It is replaced by lateral recording. You can braid two braids, join them in the middle or transfer the weaving to the temple, masking the tips with a hairpin or a flower.

You can use the French technique for cross weaving. Start in the temple and take the hair off your forehead and poppy. Next, stretch the strands a bit. On the hair colored “or particularly impressive hairstyle with braid edge.>

For owners of long hair is a good styling with the original weave. For her from the forehead weave a free spikelet. Strands pull out of the fabric with a sharp point.


Looks great, styling curls. Even with daily use, the picture is romantic. To save time, use the iron. Start with the application of thermal insulation. Next, twist the strand with a string, hold it with the device, let it cool. Repeat the same steps with the other strands. Fixed spray waves.

Curls are great for a stylish look. They curl up, divide the hair mass into four zones. At the temples the part is fixed invisibly. They set a spectacular bezel and twist the styling slightly to make the curls look more natural.

For a special occasion

Combined in an elegant bundle and Greek hair and braids and braids. Feature of laying – free weaving with drawstrings on the crown. To preserve the volume of individual wax-treated hair.

For a business-effective hairstyle, a lower tail is made with the hair remaining on the forehead. You will create interlacing. But only the variation on pretty long hair of the same length looks stylish.

Often the young lady can not make a shell: her hair just falls apart. But there is an interesting universal solution. For hairstyles behind your back, take the hair tips in the rubber band. The hair is thrown over the shoulder and pinched with a rubber band between sushi sticks. Twist curlers, tight strands. After a few training sessions, the hair does not last more than a dozen minutes.

For exquisite styling you are doing side separation. Strands twist free straps and lay waves. Trick hair invisible. Also the roller on the other side. Lines are laid one after another in waves in different directions.

For the hairstyle in the style of Ann Hathaway (see photo), near the forehead, separate the strand on the right side, fix the clip. The rest of the hair is collected from the lower jet. The right side of the Pryadok is released from jamming, lies in waves, is brought under the beam. Decorate with pins. Comb pull a few strands for the texture. The option is good for weddings and for negotiations.

hair flower

Stylish and simple: a rose from the hair. Put the strands of mousse on. On the back of the head take the hair in two tails. Overlapping each other, knotted. The strands formed thereby are twisted clockwise into a bundle to a rosette.

For a romantic hairstyle on the back of the head there is a wire. Among them include the first extreme strands. About the middle strand stack the second pickup. Fix tail rezinochkoy. Wire in a braid, twist in the inner orbit. Curly Curls Curling Curling. Fix varnish.


Bold styling emphasizes individuality. For oval faces, high hairstyles are especially good. The simplest takes only a few minutes. The hair is taken in the tail and slightly weakened at the base. Gum tighten in the end, get a fan. You can divide the fan in two by pushing the tail back into the hole. Get a “star bow”.

Looks complicated mesh hair. For them many use rezinochek or a special technique of weaving. You can vary the patterns and the number of strands. Weaving is particularly stylish on one side of the temple. Many interesting variations and the French braid. When braiding it with the upper handle, take the latches from both sides of the face, the laces are attached with an elastic band. The result – light everyday stylish styling.

Pin-up – for thematic events. Hair is collected near the temple, roll in the roll. The rest of the crowd Pryadok takes the tail. Divided into eight parts, applied to each mousse and frizz.

Fast and nice

Fast hairstyles are so good that you can almost immediately change the refined image of a movie star with the naughty girl from the Nachbarhof.

Short and medium hair length

Just before work, do an interesting medium hairstyle. Take the hair in the tail. Divide it into three parts. Tips pinch them inside. They fix everything from above and free the back of the head. Chelku “turns in the opposite direction. above a spectacular>

Stylish hairstyle will keep with a minimum of accessories. For example, a tall tail is turned inside with a roller. Fix invisible and spray. The resulting ball straightened and retained the shape. Add a small hairpin at the bottom.

Very quickly make a basket with pigtails. The hair is divided into two parts, each one is added to the crown in a ponytail. Braids braids and cross each other.

Scooter for bouffant and thin elastic – and the style of Beyonce, as in the local photos, is ready. The hair is divided in the longitudinal direction. The lower part will bundle. The upper part is on a roller, fixed invisibly. Separate strands pull, set accents.

Only for long hair!

You can not have the exquisite techniques of weaving to create amazing hairstyles. Rezinochki help. Combine the finest strands of the high tail. The thinner they are, the fabric is more textured. Finish the hairstyle by pulling a strand from each tie.

For the image of Bridget Bardo use Bouffant. Spinning well combed at the top, fixed with varnish. But the hairstyle will not take more than a few hours. With a roller on the comb, the styling lives longer. Attach the device under the hair to maintain a specific shape.

An elegant bundle is simple. Assign a pair of strands on each side of the forehead, tie the bundle. Fastened with a hair clip from above so as not to be untied, in loose hair. Ideal for the role of the clip “crab”.

The spit of four strands looks very nice. For her, divide the hair into three parts. Attached to the tips of each band. On the left side, the first strand is placed under the ribbon and on the second strand. On the contrary, on the other side. The right extreme is placed on the band and pulled under the third strand. Continue weaving until completion. Looks like a hairstyle as a continuous strip of upturned bows.

It is impossible to forget the “Celtic knot”. Give it a few strands that lie side by side. Loop turn the right, hanging top obvivayut left, push inside the back. The pattern is similar to a pretzel.

For quick Greek styling, the hair is thrown back and braided into a braid that turns inwards. The tip is hidden in the hole at the base. Strands pull the comb on top.

And now for the celebration

A lot of time should not take away a festive hairstyle. And the variant with two parts of a different hair is successful. On the right side, make the tail on the back of the head and curl the tips. On the left side, plait a braid and draw threads from it. Join both parts and wind elongated strands several times.

If you want to find your own style and a special luxurious hairstyle, spend enough time to choose the perfect option. There is a nice styling that can be made easy after several trainings without the help of professionals. And her creation will not take more than half an hour.

300 schöne Frisuren für kurzes, mittleres und langes Haar.


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