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6 Celeb Shades of blond hair colors

Celebrates has always been a good example for us and sometimes we style our hair inspired by them. Celebrities are always in the center of attention and very often they make completely new looks, sometimes it becomes impossible to recognize them.

6 Celeb Shades of blond hair colors If we take them as good examples, we have decided to represent you 6 celebrity shades of blond hair colors. If you change your hair color, it is a good opportunity for you to think again before choosing this color.

Ciara hairstyle

It is possible to see Ciara in different styles. She has changed the color of her hair many times. But this time we will introduce you to her blonde hairstyle. If you see, she took darker color for the hair roots, while the rest is in blonde. We can say that her blond stripes rest on a brunette base. It’s a perfect idea to go from black to blonde. If you have natural black hair, do not hesitate to change it to blond, because it is both a good idea and very easy to wear. 6 Celeb Shades of blond hair colors Rosie Huntington Whitley

Rosie has natural blonde hair, but her real blonde shades are darker and as you can see, she wore light blondes this time. If you’ve noticed, she has matched her dark shades perfectly with light shades. This hair color obviously completes her look, giving her a more delicate and feminine look. 6 Celeb Shades of blond hair colors January Jones

January Jones is another famous celebrity that can be a real inspiration to many women. Obviously, she knows how to wear proper hairstyle. The color of her hair is unique in her style, giving her a soft and sweet look. The blonde tone emphasizes her face and with the dark roots it looks too natural. With this beautiful look she will be ready to rock the world. 6 Celeb Shades of blond hair colors Naya Rivera

We saw Naya with dark hair, but we can not deny that she looks good with blonde hair, too. It’s always good to have change because it’s not inspiring to see celebrities in the same style. Maybe she’ll decide to take lighter shades later, we can not say for sure, but the fact that this look suits her well is obvious. 6 Celeb Shades of blond hair colors Taylor Swift

Taylor has natural ash blonde hair color. Many women try and do everything to get exactly that shade of blonde. If you have the same color as you and you want to have some changes, make sure that something too much gold will look yellow on your hair. 6 Celeb Shades of blond hair colors Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the most popular celebrities who follow many girls. She always has a nice look and her new look is instantly trendy. She has appeared in movies, TV programs and magazines in blond hair. It seems she was born with this color, because nothing fits her better than blonde bleach. 6 Celeb Shades of blond hair colors


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