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6 celebrities with dark hair colors

Today we tried to pick the hair colors of celebrities and show them. Celebrities are the best source of inspiration and many girls go for changes that are inspired by celebrities.

6 celebrities with dark hair colors Those who like black color should keep reading because we’re talking about six dark- haired celebrities . You’ll have the chance to see your favorite actress or singer in a black hue.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a dream woman for many men. Despite her age, she looks perfect. She knows which hairstyle to wear to attract attention. It seems to be her dark shadow, because through this shadow her blue eyes come out and give her more charm. To be honest, black hue is the best shade for her and we love to see her with this style. As you can see, it works perfectly with her skin color.

6 celebrities with dark hair colors

Megan Fox black hair

Monica Belluchi

Monica Belluchi is probably one of the most sought after women in the world. She has managed to break many men’s hearts and she is always the focus of attention. We can see them on many front pages because women here like to copy feminine and attractive looks. We have often seen her in the shade of black. It works well with her bright complexion. Their appearance is always natural due to the color.

6 celebrities with dark hair colors

Monica Bellucci Jet Black Hair

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the most popular black-toners. Black is her characteristic shadow and when she recently changed her hair to platinum blonde, many of her fans find the color that does not suit her. She wore no platinum color for a long time and now wears a black hue again. Here you can see Kim, who wears black tint with caramel accents. The overall picture of the style is not bad and the color looks good on her long curls. Obviously, she knows what to wear to make her look impressive.

6 celebrities with dark hair colors

Kim Kardashian black hair

Lana Del Rey

This amazing singer always has a mysterious and look. Lana Del Rey has worn black paint many times. Her cool skin tone goes well with the shade. Here you can see that Lana has chosen a long wavy hairstyle and the combination of long curls and black color is really perfect. Her goddess look impresses many people around the world. Her red lipstick completes the look and makes it even more beautiful.

6 celebrities with dark hair colors

Lana del rey black hair

Selena Gomez

Selena is a famous singer and actress who always has a natural look. It seems that she is not a fan of extravagant looks, because Selena always appears with natural shades that fascinate many girls around the world. She can wear the style on both long and short hair. In both cases it looks amazing and breathtaking. I really love her girlish looks.

6 celebrities with dark hair colors

Selena Gomez black hair with lights

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. She always has a classic and elegant appearance. Black hair color is her signature shadow and it seems she likes it. She can add some highlights to her black hair and keep her amazing and mesmerizing look. Of course, she wore blonde sunglasses, but for me, black is the best color she could ever wear.

6 celebrities with dark hair colors

Nicole with black hair color


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