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7 hairstyles mistakes you must avoid

The hairstyle is the most important element in the image of a girl. Well-groomed hair can emphasize the benefits of a beautiful face and reduce its imperfections, but an inadequate cut or hair color can ruin even the most eye-catching look and highlight something you do not want to emphasize.

Third party support can prevent you from making mistakes, just as when you are hired to do some housework. It is recommended to rent a house newspaper service. Regardless of whether you are putting your hair yourself or with the help of other hair, you need to avoid these 8 mistakes below.

1. Too dark

7 hairstyles mistakes you must avoid

First, the dark color darkens the roots of another color. Second, if you have fair skin, dark hair will only highlight your imperfections. An excellent alternative to the uniform black dye is a complex coloration with warm tones and light reflections: this makes the hair voluminous and the face younger and fresher.

2.Color in cold blond tones

7 hairstyles mistakes you must avoid

Blonde women with a warm skin tone are contraindicated cold colors like blonde ash or platinum: these fill the face with a very unfavorable light and make it too pale. It is better to choose warm tones in harmony with the skin, eg. As honey, caramel or wheat.

3. hairstyles of the type “cap”

7 hairstyles mistakes you must avoid

The stiff and firm hair looks too firm and unnatural, which gives everyone more age. In addition, “hair with hair” hairstyles look outdated and irrelevant. Therefore, do not abuse the hair spray and do without strong fixing products.

4. Long hair without volume

7 hairstyles mistakes you must avoid

With age, the hair follicles begin to function with less activity and the sebaceous glands produce less secrecy. All this results in the hair becoming thinner and more fragile and losing its volume. If you had to face this problem, you should opt for a shorter haircut. You do not have to pretend that you are a child: the length should be chosen so that you can save volume.

5. The same hair color with different ages

7 hairstyles mistakes you must avoid

Over the years, hair and skin lose their pigments. Therefore, the color that you had with 20 and 30 years and 40-50 years very good, may not be so cheap. Ask your hairdresser to dye your hair in the color that you got used to in your teens, to help you choose the right tone for you.

6. Strip in the middle

7 hairstyles mistakes you must avoid

Over the years, the production of collagen slows down. In addition, the subcutaneous layer is unevenly distributed on the face and focuses on the chin area. Because of this, the face gets longer. A line in the middle only emphasizes this feature. Instead, try to make a sideline: it will allow you to balance the proportions of the face and also make your hairstyle look voluminous.

7. Old style hairstyles

7 hairstyles mistakes you must avoid

This mistake is obvious, but many still commit it. “Old” hairstyles, such as a hairstyle with short hair, make you look older. So you have to forget them and leave them where they should be: in the past.

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