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7 stunning curly homecoming hairstyles

10 stunning curly hairstyles for the homecoming 7 stunning curly homecoming hairstyles October 3, 2017

Let yourself be inspired by these romantic, stylish and chic, curly, homey hairstyles for this great night.

1. Long curly hair:

7 atemberaubende lockige Heimkehrfrisuren

We have to admit that we love her long curly locks for bits; There is something so effortless about her undisturbed hair that we can not wait to try it! To get the actress’s amazingly textured curls, wrap part of her hair around a curling iron and put it on with a light hairspray.

2. Tight curls:

7 atemberaubende lockige Heimkehrfrisuren

Julia Garner showed some flawless curls at the premiere of Sin City 2014. The actress looks chic and carefree from impeccable tight locks. If you have not been blessed , you can restore them either by perming or by using curling iron and some textured spray.

3. Curly Side Bun:

7 atemberaubende lockige Heimkehrfrisuren

Side Bun is one of the best homecoming curly hairstyles you can never go wrong with. Tay Tay looks extremely stunning with her “Keep hair curly and lock” atmosphere. We love their natural curls that have been swept sideways to a bun. The singer also lets loose a few strands of hair to frame her face – a great hairstyle (19459053) for summer 2015 and any other occasion.

4. Asymmetric curls:

7 atemberaubende lockige Heimkehrfrisuren

Rita Ours two-tone asymmetric curls are a hairstyle that we can not resist. Casual yet chic, she forces her blonde mane into a couple of flirtatious curls. Rita’s new volume look with loose tendrils perfectly frames the face of her dramatic red dress.

Do not you just want to touch it? We do!

5. Curly-side ponytail:

7 atemberaubende lockige Heimkehrfrisuren

Here comes one of the most elegant curly, homely hairstyles! Ashley Tisdale always skips chic hairstyles and looks phenomenal in her gently curving ponytail. The pretty actress loosens part of her hair to emphasize her features, and the untidy tendrils give her hair a romantic touch.

6. Long, partially braided curls:

7 atemberaubende lockige Heimkehrfrisuren

Minka Kelly knows one of the coolest tricks in the fashion book: The side braids along with the curved half up and half down hairstyle. It adds an elegant look by adding a blush and a dash of nude shine. In addition, the small braids are stylish and look glamorous with long hair. Boho to the marrow.

7. Half Updo:

7 atemberaubende lockige Heimkehrfrisuren

Victoria is absolutely glamorous with this romantic half, half, curly hairstyle. We love the way her angelic curls look, with some volume, some luster and long, disheveled hair framing her face. Restore the appearance of Posh by applying a shine serum, and then comb your hair with a comb before pulling it into a bouffant. Now secure the top of the back with a few hairpins and curl your loose locks with a curling iron. Stop using hair spray to keep everything in place.

Now that you know all about hairstyling hairstyles, what are you waiting for? So, all of you, gorgeous women with curly hair, let us know your favorite hairstyle in the comments below!


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