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9 new short hairstyles that inspire you

10 new, short hairstyles that will you 9 new short hairstyles that inspire you July 31, 2018

Continue reading to learn 10 new short hairstyles!

1. Long and laterally curved Pixie:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

Singer Frankie Bridge looks stunning as she flaunts her beautiful, ombre pixie with sideways sweeping bangs. The hairstyle, which works well with heart-shaped faces, will convince a horde of long-haired fans to opt for short hair.

This fashionable and latest, short hairstyle can have different designs. The key to the look is the extra volume on the top; Make sure you are using a good quality volumizing mousse. Now when you blow dry your hair, use a round brush to lift your hair in the root area and smooth it with a hair shine serum as you bring the brush and dryer down.

2. Laterally curved fringes with headband:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

This sideways curved hairstyle is ideal for girls with mature pixies with long fringes for formal occasions. The actress Michelle Williams looks stylish and strikingly radiant when she wears this sleek style with a glittering headband.

To create this easy-to-use hairstyle, you first need to create a deep side piece. Then apply a heat protection spray and use a thin hair straightener (19459011) to stroke the hair to one side of the head. Dab good quality pomade, texture cream for lumpy perfection and sprinkle a high gloss hairspray if you want extra hold. Finish off this hairstyle with a glamorous headband.

3. Retro Finger Waves:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

The thirteen actress Evan Rachel Wood brought the retro glamor with this finger wave hairstyle on the red carpet. Time consuming and tricky, this rare hairstyle can inspire everyone at your next party.

To recreate this vintage look, you will need many finger wave lotions, rich gel, comb and duck snippet clips. However, for a modern method, you can use the curling tongs instead of the comb. No matter which way you choose, it is time consuming. Start by applying a firm hold gel and create a deep sidewall. Then take a comb and create waves along the entire scalp with your fingers. Now use a duckie clip to secure each shaft. Remove the clips as soon as the hair is completely dry.

4. Bold Blunt Bob:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

A retro hair moment bob can set modern accents. The actress Leighton Meester looks stylish with her stunning, bold, dull head – adds a swab of volumizing mousse to her signature bob to create this polished, 20’s inspired finish. We love it!

To create this fashionable and modern hairstyle, first apply hair serum so that it looks shiny. Then blow dry the hair as needed and smooth it out as needed. Using a round brush, pull it back and spray it with a hair spray with a firm grip. Wear it loosely, smoothly or add some texture and volume – the possibilities of this kind of new short haircuts are endless!

5. Slicked Backdo:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

When it comes to smooth backdos, Hayden Panettiere steals the show! Whether tidily or artfully disheveled – Backdo will be the hit in this season. With this sophisticated backdo the hairstyle allows her refined and subtle make-up and flawless skin.

Duplicate this hairstyle by steaming your hair with a thick styling gel that will give your hair shine. Now comb your hair from root to end and pull it back. If you have longer hair than Hayden, put them in sections. Otherwise just dab a little wet-look gel and coat each section.

6. Bobby pinned updo panned from side:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

The actress Emily Blunt is trendy with her romantic updo. She wears her shiny auburn strands in a bobby-updo with wavy, tiny pony loosely on her face. Perfect for thin hair, this short hairstyle is super easy to style.
Simply a texturizing gel in the whole hair and with a short curl wave. Get the look with many hairpins. Leave a few tendrils for a romantic graduation.

7. Twisted bread roll:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

With this beautifully twisted bun at the back of your head, you can channel your inner princess. With the right amount of femme, the hairstyle could look simple from the front, but Carey Mulligan’s stiff twisted bun is anything but that! The actress looks good with her blond curls in a smooth knot.

To restore this look, split your short hair in half, twist it from both sides and create a knot. Secure it with many discreet hairpins and spray a lot of hairspray to tame the flyaways. Perfect for every occasion!

8. Edgy Quiff:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

Rum Diary actress and model Amber Heard look sexy and confident with their platinum blonde locks styled in an exciting quiff. This short Up’do is both chic and quirky and goes perfectly with Amber’s flawless minimalist look.

To restore this fashionable quiff, start collecting hair from the sides and stick it on the neck so that only the top section of the hair is left over. Now tease the remaining hair on the crown and apply a lot of light hair spray to keep it playful and upright. Finish off this sassy look with bare-lipped Lippy and a big, confident smile.

9. Wavy Bob:

9 neue kurze Frisuren, die Sie begeistern

The enchanting diva, model Karlie Kloss, looks stunning with her chaotic layered bob and loose, sweeping curls in the floor. The look is suitable for people with short to medium hair and is fun and flirting. In addition to this playful hairstyle, we also love her glamorous omber hair color.

To restore that fluffy look, start with a small amount of styling mousse in your hair. Cut the hair out to one side and blow-dry it with your fingers to dry. Take the remaining hair and curl it away from the face. Complete the sexy hairstyle with a flexible hairspray.

Tip: Let your hair naturally dry in the air.
We hope you find some simple and new hairstyles to try for yourself. Let us know how you liked this post. There is a comment field below.


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