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There are different types of pony that you can choose according to your face shapes. The pony is suitable for almost all types of hairstyles; No matter if you have long short or medium length hair, all you need is to think only of your face shapes, because sometimes the wrong chosen hairstyle can affect your look in a bad way. Here we will present you types of pony . You can look at it and choose which one is appropriate for your facial features.

Types of pony Pony for oval faces

Those girls who have an oval face need not worry because they can take different types of pony. For example, you can choose flat, pinnate and layered pony. Make sure that you have the right hair length and texture in front of the pony. Those who have thin stratified hair, we will not recommend them to go for feathery pony. Types of pony Pony for round faces

Women with a round face need to find a hairstyle that gives the face a visual length. In this case, spring pony is a good choice. The pony gives your cheeks an attractive appearance. This only works if you have a correct hair type. Types of pony Pony for square faces

Women who have a square face often go for the sideways swept bang. This pop style is also very popular with celebrities. It is possible to see her on the red carpet with just the side swept pop. It emphasizes your facial features and gives you a feminine look. They can give your hair a wavy effect and with swept-off pony you will definitely be unforgettable. Types of pony Different types of pony for other faces

Women with different face shapes can do their own research and find the kind of pony they need. The pony is something that enhances your look. The right pony will give you a new look. If you are not ready for radical changes, such as having a very short haircut or changing the color of your hair to get a new look, you can just get bangs and change your look completely. Types of pony The important thing is that you are ready for experimentation, because if you are not ready to make changes, you will never get the desired result. Look for the most beautiful pony of the year and continue without fears.


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