Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas 2019

Beliebte Braids von Prominenten

Do you need to change your hairstyle? Try the coolest pigtails that celebrities suggest. Braids are the best hairstyles you can wear. We all probably know how to get a simple braid, because even though we sometimes play with our hair automatically, we create a simple braid. All girls can wear braided hairstyles and the type of hair does not really matter. Braided hairstyles look so girlish that they feel much younger than you. Popular braids of celebrities I remember that when I was a schoolgirl, I used to wear braided hairstyles because they are so comfortable and are not disturbed by hair falling on your face. Even the celebrities take this fact into account and wear braids quite often. 6 celeb’s braided hairstyles which may give you new ideas for hairdos. So read on and find 6 braided hairstyles that can give you completely new ideas for this hairstyle.

Dianna Agron braided crown

Dianna Agron is a real “dream girl”. This young actress has already managed to attract people’s attention. Whatever she wears, she looks so beautiful and elegant. I bet many girls try to copy their style, but Dianna always comes with new looks and it creates some trouble for her fans because they do not know which style to adopt. This time we introduce you to her crown braiding hairstyle. As you can see, Crown Braided Hairstyle emphasizes her facial features and her eyes pop out nicely so that they look very cool. She wore a little makeup and proved that the beauty is simple.

Popular braids of celebrities

Diana argon braided crown

Janet Jackson box braids

African-American women like to wear box braids and you often see them with box braids. Well, this style looks really good, so why not try it! If you are bored of the other types of braided hairstyles, change the style and rock box braids. One of the most popular singers Janet Jackson likes to wear box braids. You can see she sported box braids in a ponytail. It looks unique and extraordinary and fits her very well.

Popular braids of celebrities

Janet Jackson box pigtail ponytail

Fearne Cotton Loser Fishtail

Fearne Cotton is a well-known television and radio host. We can see them in different companies in stunning styles. Her loose fishtail, styled on one side, caught the attention of many people and made her one of the girls most popular hairstyles. She used a beautiful hair accessory to take her hair out of her face. She also remembered the make-up and her red lipstick completed her look.

Popular braids of celebrities

Fiery cotton cool braided hair

Anita Briem Cool messy braids

I have never seen such impressive messy braids. Anita Brime’s glorious and hilarious look let’s add her to our list. With these cute pigtails she got a really girlish look. Everything in her is in harmony. This fact obviously gives her self-confidence and makes her eyes shine like diamonds.

Popular braids of celebrities

Anita Briem Cool messy braids

Alexa Chung Simple braids

You think that celebrities do not wear a simple braid? They are wrong because statistics show that they really like to wear simple braids. One of the most famous models and television presenters Alexia Chung appeared with simple pigtails in public. Her loose braid looks chic and great. If you are not so skilled in braiding, you can get this without difficulty. I am sure that there is no girl who does not know how to get a simple braid. So if you like Alexa Chung’s style, just keep going and feel beautiful and feminine.

Popular braids of celebrities

Alexa Chung two braids hairstyle


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