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Biowave for hair: types and technologies.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Voluminous and voluptuous curls – it is very beautiful. But what if nature cheats dense and dense strands? Do not stay inconspicuous gray mice! Of course not. Help came perm. The peak of his popularity came in the seventies and eighties.

However, this type of installation is currently not so relevant, not because of the change in fashion trends. The main reason is that the “long-playing” hairstyle does not adorn the hair, but makes it dry, brittle and dull. And this prospect does not like the owners of the newly found luscious curls. The cosmetologists and found a solution: Biowave.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Biowave: What is this procedure?

Modern alternative to chemistry and allows you to get great curls, and the hair does not hurt. Romantic picture is also easy for beach. Each of its thickness, length and texture is not a problem: the volume of curls guaranteed without additional damage.

There are no aggressive components in the composition of drugs. Therefore, locks and preserves the brilliance, care and beauty. But what is so special about the composition of biochemical waves is unlike the usual? At the beginning – there are different types of curling. Among them are thermal, biochemistry and chemistry. It is clear that the most harmless is thermal. But for the duration it is the shortest. Live this fashionable hairstyle for a few days at most.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Chemistry is ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other “usefulness”. Therefore, the condition of such a hairstyle has a negative effect on the condition. Biochemistry is gentle and sensitive: there is no aggressive chemistry in the preparation. In the heart of – Cystin. In the structure, it is human hair as similar as possible. Here are the strands of health and do not lose.

Biowave types

The urgency of Biowave grows annually. The most important – the Japanese “Moss”. In its moisturizing composition, there are collagen and other beneficial components to keep moisture in them. Also included in the composition of the extract of tea leaves, silk proteins and many nourishing components. Especially good is the Japanese perm for loops of medium length and long curls. The result is locks of the middle fixation.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Italian Biowave is no less popular. She takes perfect care of the strands and restores her structure. The special formula of the composition gives the curls a small, strong fixation. This option is more suitable for young ladies with short streaks. Although many curling options: with ironing and curling with autorotation.

But Biowave with silk proteins is the softest. It will help to restore weakened locks. Spinning will be soft and silky again. And the amount of thin hair will be very good. For a long-term similar hairstyle with chemistry, however, can not compete.

Biowave technology

There are several Biowave technologies. The curls are affected by C-hydrochloride. After processing each strand composition. Curls trick curlers. In addition, each strand is impregnated with a special protein solution. The curls are saturated with white and provide a neat look with a healthy glow.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

In the second method of carrying out the composition, when it penetrates deep into the curls, it accelerates the concentration of its own protein strand, ie cysteine ​​is emulsified. As a consequence, perm and spectacular and long term. There is also a wonderful effect of rest p.

According to the third method, the composition also supplies the strands with a complete complex of the substances they need and reliably fixes the curls. The balance is restored, the locks are not drained, no injuries received and the hairstyle looks very impressive.

Biowave with an average fixation is good for long hair. The diameter of the curls is determined by the thickness of the strands and the desire of their owners. However, big curls are the most popular option for long hair.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Medium locks fit curls and small and medium sizes. Depending on the condition and the thickness of the strand, it is suggested that the degree of fixation is medium and light. Short strands, stylish haircuts, perfect fine curls and fixation – medium or strong.

Which types of biowave are the most relevant?

Especially in demand is the perm over the entire length. Flowing curls – this is romance, sharp curls – eccentricity and determination, and elegant vertical curling perfect to help create a voluminous hairstyle.

Curling the tips is a slightly twisted bang or curled ends. The picture gets an extra touch of femininity. Creative Biowave is an artistic mess and big curls. Curling on the cascade haircut allows you to select all the diameters and directions of the curls. And the procedure on short strands will draw attention to the beauty of the oval face.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

How is the biowave hair?

Before proceeding with the process, the master is determined with the state of the strand to select a suitable composition. Next, we selected together the size of the curl and the diameter of the curlers. Then the preparation of the hair is done for biwave.

Curls are washed with a special shampoo to detect particles. After that, the procedure begins. The strands are wound on curlers and a special solution with beta-carotene, cysteine ​​and vitamins are added to restore the curls and give them back shine and softness.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Next, a special solution is applied to the locks to maintain and maintain normal balance. The strands look healthy, well-groomed, brilliant and very spectacular.

Conducting biowave at home

The Biowave is most effective in the salon, by an experienced master. But you can do it yourself at home. The hair is divided into strands, each moistened with a special solution and carefully wound on curlers.

In order to obtain the desired degree of “curl”, it is necessary to correctly estimate the thickness with the length of the curls before starting the process. The result of the Italian curls will be “Angel Curls”, that is, small curls, strong fixation. To get them, the locks are thin and twisted to the tips. For drying the hair dryer can not be used. We have to wait for the hair to dry out, of course.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

For curls and large strands should be slightly moist. Curlers need to take a large diameter. The choice of solution also depends on the density of the hair and its length. It is important to consider the degree of damage to the curls and the size of the pick-ups. But you have to be prepared that biochemistry at home can not deliver exactly what it’s meant for.

When conducting a home biowave, it is important to start with an allergy test. Rinsing necessarily entices special composition. Stock them up in advance. Thereafter, the Biowellenpräparat is alternately applied to the strands and wound on the rolling rollers.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

On rolled-up locks insert a filler of a composition, put on a polyethylene cap for hour of an hour. After the lapse of time, the strands are washed without removing the curlers. The third part of the Biowave Kit neutralizer is applied to the hair and left for a quarter of an hour or a third.

After that, the hair curlers can be removed, cover the locks with the rest of the neutralizer, but the loops can not be unwound. In this form, the curls remain five minutes. And then the hair is washed under running water and conditioned. It only stays to dry the curls naturally.

Contraindications to the procedure

It is necessary to use Biowave products with great care: the misuse of some is associated with serious consequences for the normal health of the hair.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Biowave is a fairly safe procedure, but there are some contraindications for it. For example, it is strictly forbidden to perform biochemistry in allergic reactions. To determine if there is an allergy to the composition, a review is required. The test is performed on an open, small area of ​​the skin. If discomfort occurs after application of the composition, the composition can not be used.

It is prohibited to use biochemistry during pregnancy or lactation. Biochemistry is not recommended for children. Weak results are obtained when the procedure is performed during critical days. It is much wiser to postpone the operation for a few days.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Biowave results will stay on the hair’s head for half a year. It is curly, no light waves. After smoothing you can immediately repeat the biochemistry. However, it is recommended that this procedure be performed more frequently several times a year.

Post-procedure care for the hair

But to care for the hair in a special way will have from the first day of Biowave. To stay curls longer consistently attractive, you can not wash the strands for several days after the procedure. You must forget the massage brush and use a large comb or finger to comb. You can not comb and wet strands. Use a dryer as little as possible to dry or style. Best of all, if the dryer will be with a diffuser.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

To wash the locks after biochemistry, it is necessary to switch to shampoo curls for curly hair and be sure to use balm. Bored curls can be changed to a different hairstyle. Hair dryers, styling products and a special iron help to smooth the hair temporarily.

For health care Biowave harmless due to the composition. The structure is preserved, the skin is not irritated and the hairstyle looks natural and remains attractive for a long time.

Differences in chemistry and biochemistry

The Biowave differs from the usual and completely unhealthy chemistry by the delicate composition of the preparation for the procedure. There is no aggressive chemistry in Biosytavah. The effects of drugs are similar, but their effects vary. Biological agents work on the basis of organic protein, protect curls and do not harm them.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

There are three types of compositions: For natural hair that is not permed, a permanent chemical wave has previously been detected. All three drugs differ in the degree of concentration of the main component. For natural strands, it is much richer than for strands that are damaged by chemicals or colored curls.

After biochemistry curls can be painted. This is a very good advantage over other methods. The influence goes through three phases. And the first fills the hair follicles with cysteine, the second thickens them, and the third is a post-wave equalizer that protects the strands to maintain a normal ph level balance.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

The desired result affects the choice of curler or bobbin size. Experienced masters can offer coils of various sizes to achieve the most natural result.

The usual duration of Biowave is three months to nine. It depends directly on the structure of the hair, its condition and the size of the curl. The smaller it is, the longer the hairstyle remains spectacular. An experienced master will say it immediately. How long life hairstyles can be expected in any specific situation. The result will be gradual, so you can plan to repeat the procedure.

Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.

Despite all these advantages, biochemistry is a stressful procedure for the hair. Therefore, it is very desirable to take a healing and restful course. If there is no time for the restoration of the salon, you can do the care at home. It activates regenerating masks and serums to heal and restore beauty and healthy-looking strands.

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Biowave für Haare: Arten und Technologien.


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