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Braid 10-Double Waterfall braids and fishtail buns

Braid 10-Double Waterfall Braids and Fishtail Bun is the offbeat updo of Braid 20-Double Headband Waterfall Braid by “20 Braids for Spring”.

The first time I put this look together, I ended up with a regular donut bun, but that did not help me. I had to put it on a little bit more, so I braided the hair in fishtail braids before wrapping it in a more elegant, low bun.

I also snuck in two braids on the other side, so it was not a blank slate and really love how the look came together.

It may seem a little difficult, but with practice it will be as easy as any other braid.

Braid 10-Double Waterfall braids and fishtail buns

Braid 10-Double Waterfall braids and fishtail buns

Here are the steps to complete the look:

Step 1 / Start with right-sided part.

Step 2 / Next, separate the left side into two parts, front and back, and push the front part out of the way.

Step 3 / Then take a section, right on the part, from the back and separate it into three parts.

Step 4 / Cross the back strand over the middle and then the front strand above the middle to start a French braid.

Step 5 / Next, cross the back strand over the middle and add a strand of hair from behind and insert into the strand.

Step 6 / Using the front strand that would go over the next center, drop it or pull it to the opposite side of the head and stick it out of the way.

Step 7 / Take a hair piece just under the fixed strand and add it in place.

Step 8 / Repeat this waterfall to the nape.

Step 9 / Tie the plait at the bottom with a hair tie to work on the next pigtail.

Step 10 / Lower the waterfall strands and the severed front part.

Step 11 / Take a section directly on the part and divide it into three parts for a new French braid.

Step 12 / Complete a normal French braid that pulls the waterfall strands as you cross the rear strand across the middle.

Step 13 / Once the braid reaches the first one, tie it off as well.

Step 14 / Next, take a small piece of hair, about 1 inch, on the other side of the part and braid your hair into a regular braid.

Step 15 / Repeat step 14 with another section of hair so that there are two normal braids on the right side of the head.

Step 16 / Then collect all hair in a low, side ponytail.

Step 17 / Pull the hair ties off the two side pigtails and other ties from the first.

Step 18 / Separate the ponytail in half and braid each one into a regular fishtail braid.

Step 19 / Next, take one of the braids and wrap it around the hair tie to create a bun.

Step 20 / Take the second braid and wrap it around the first braid for a more complicated-looking knot.

Finished! I hope you love it and try it out!

Braid 10-Double Waterfall Zöpfe und Fischschwanz Brötchen


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