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Braid 13-Ornate Fishtail Braid

Braid 13-Ornate Fishtail Braid

Braid 13-Ornate Fishtail Braid is a fun twist on Braid 5-Double Fishtail Braids. You, ladies, loved it so much that I thought I would try a different version of the look.

For this hairstyle, the part is on the left side and the fishtail braid sneaks out from under the clip instead of being at the top like in braid # 5.

I like both equally, but decided to wear it in today’s outfit pictures. Did you see that? It’s about to come, so check it out!

Want a serious explosion from the past? Look at this fishtail from two years ago.

These old videos should be embarrassing, I really should. It’s not me, because, frankly, if it were not for her, I would not be where I am now. They’re also proof that I should never cut my hair, haha! (:

Braid 13-Ornate Fishtail Braid

Follow these simple steps to create your own version of this look:

Step 1 / Divide the hair on the left side and separate part of the hair from the front of the ear to the part.

Step 2 / Grab your favorite hair clip (mine is from Ulta) and poke the hair directly over the ear.

Step 3 / Next, take a hair piece directly under the clip.

Step 4 / Braid the strand of hair to a fishtail braid; here is a video if you are new to fishtail braids.

Step 5 / Tie off the end of the braid and loosen it by pulling lightly on the sides.

Step 6 / Finish by adding curls and reworking with hairspray.
Braid 13-Ornate Fishtail BraidBraid 13-Ornate Fishtail Braid



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