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Braid 18-Four-strand Half Updo

Braid 18-Four-strand Half Updo
Braid 18-Four Strand Half Updo is a level upgrade of this Four Strand Braid. I will not lie, four strand is pretty damn difficult; especially on yourself.

This version of a four-strand braid is easier to master if you have a little time to practice a few times. Try it, let me know what you think!

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Braid 18-Four-strand Half UpdoBraid 18-Four-strand Half Updo

I will try to speak the steps for this beautiful process:

Step 1 / Take one strand of hair directly at the hairline in four strands.

Step 2 / Wrap the skein in your left hand under the skein next to it.

Step 3 / Now swipe the strand over the next one.

Step 4 / Next, wrap the strand among the last ones.

Step 5 / Using the skein that was crossed in the last step, wrap it under the skein next to it – to the left.

Step 6 / Now cross the strand over the last strand.

Step 7 / With the strand crossed under the last, pull a strand of hair like a French or Dutch braid.

Step 8 / Repeat steps 3 through 7 until you reach the back of the crown.

Step 9 / Tighten the braid with a clear rubber band.

Step 10 / Carefully loosen the braid for a neglected look.

Step 11 / Finish with hairspray and loosen the ends of the hair.

Angry! There you have it. Luckily there is a video, hopefully this is a bit easier to follow.

Braid 18-Four-strand Half Updo



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