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Braid 19-Double Woven Headband Braid

Braid 19-Double Woven Headband Braid

Braid 19-Double Woven Headband Braid is actually two Dutch Braids and the first is a Waterfall Braid. Whoa, what ?!

Yessum, and there is a video for it, so look at it, because you will not believe how easy it really is.

Many of you comment that you love styles like these but never could. It makes me think that perhaps I should show more everyday styles.

What do you think? Would you rather see basic styles for each day of the week?

Let me know, because I love to show styles that you love!

Braid 19-Double Woven Headband BraidBraid 19-Double Woven Headband BraidBraid 19-Double Woven Headband Braid

Follow these steps to get this double dutch waterfall headband style!

Step 1 / Starting with a part on the right, separate a section of hair on the front; from the part to the left ear.

Step 2 / Bind this front area to work with it later.

Step 3 / Next, take a piece of hair right behind the section we tied off next to the part and separate it into three sections for the first braid.

Step 4 / Start a Dutch weave by wrapping the back strand under the middle.

Step 5 / Now wrap the front strand under the middle strand.

Step 6 / Next, wrap the back strand under the middle again and bring hair.

Step 7 / Then take the front strand, which usually goes under the middle, and pull it to the other side of the head and fold it out of the way.

Step 8 / Now take a strand of hair just behind the strand and wrap it under the middle strand.

Step 9 / Repeat steps 6-8 until you reach the top of the ear.

Step 10 / Braid the hair into a regular braid and tie it off with an elastic band.

Step 11 / Next, solve the clip with the strands that we separated as a waterfall part.

Step 12 / Take a piece of hair near the top of the crown and divide it into two parts.

Step 13 / Take the first strand of waterfall and lock it in, so you should now have your three strands for the next braid.

Step 14 / Braid the hair down in a Dutch braid and pull the strands out of the waterfall part on the back.

Step 15 / When you reach the ear, finish it in a normal braid and tie it with an elastic band.

Step 16 / Now pull all hair together into a ponytail.

Step 17 / Carefully loosen the upper strands of the first braid.

Step 18 / Now carefully remove the side strands from the front braid, so that the woven aspect is better to see.

Step 19 / Grab a curling iron and roll the ends of the ponytail.

Step 20 / Finish the transitions with hairspray.

And this is my first written tutorial with 20 steps, my friends!



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