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Braid 6-Mermaid Side Dutch Braid

Braid 6-Mermaid Side Dutch Braid is my own twist on the popular Dutch braid.

I created a similar version, the Chic Dutch Braided Headband and Side Braid, but wanted to try the Mermaid Lichen effect.

I love how it turned out, because it adds a bit of dimension to the back strands, but still easy to do and perfect for the summer heat!

Braid 6-Mermaid Side Dutch Braid

The video tutorial is below, but here are the steps as well.

Step 1 / Start with a deep right side piece.

Step 2 / Take a 3-4 “wide section of hair on the heavy side of the part

Step 3 / Divide this section into three parts.

Step 4 / Start a Dutch braid by wrapping each side piece under the middle strand; create a stitch.

Step 5 / Wrap the back piece under the middle, then take a piece of hair from the opposite side of the head, wrap it over the back of the head, and add it to the skein.

Step 6 / Now wrap the front piece under the middle and add hairline next to it.

Step 7 / Repeat steps 5 and 6 until the nape of the neck.

Step 8 / Braid in a normal braid until the end of the hair.

Step 9 / Tie the tail with a clear rubber band.

Step 10 / Gently loosen the mesh by pulling the edges.

Step 11 / Finish the style with your favorite clip!

Braid 6-Mermaid Side Dutch BraidBraid 6-Mermaid Side Dutch Braid



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