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Braid 8-Hidden Fishtail Braid

Braid 8-Hidden Fishtail Braid

Braid 8-Hidden Fishtail Braid is a great way to change the traditional side braid.

It is a modern look with a fishtail braid that is easy to do!

Not sure how to fishtail braid, check out the Beauty Basics: How to Fishtail Braid to learn how.

If you are already in love with the Fishtail French Braid and the Double Fishtail braid which was actually Braid 5 in the 20 Braids for Spring series!

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Braid 8-Hidden Fishtail Braid

Here are the steps to achieve this rad and bodacious look:

1 / Pop of your favorite headband. I’m wearing the Tuck and Cover Half; you can find it at Forever21, well maybe.

2 / Next, separate out a hair section right behind the ear.

3 / Braid this strand into a fishtail braid. If a fishtail braid is difficult you can always do a regular braid, * wink!

4 / Then tie the braid with a clear elastic band.

5 / Gently loosen the braid by pulling on the edges to create a looser, more casual braid.

6 / Next, take the rest of your hair and wrap it around the base near the first elastic band.

7 / Then tie with another hair band.

8 / Brush through the tail and smooth down any flyaways; all done!

Braid 8-Hidden Fishtail Braid

Braid 8-Hidden Fishtail Braid


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