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Braid Wrapped High Bun

Braid Wrapped High Bun is the perfect way to spice up a top knot.

I took the basic technique out of my Double Bun tutorial and changed the plait turns and then completed the look with a cute star cluster headband from ASOS.

For this particular hairstyle you need a hair donut unless you are a professional and can do it without you. I bet you could also replace the bun for a normal messy bun with the hair left out for braiding. That sounds like another tutorial. Maybe I have to practice for it.

Braid Wrapped High BunBraid Wrapped High BunBraid Wrapped High BunBraid Wrapped High Bun

Click through to the video tutorial

Follow these steps to reach the braided Wrapped High Bun:

Step 1 / Begin to make all hair into a high ponytail – follow these tips to master a high ponytail.

Step 2 / Take a hair donut and place the ponytail through the middle so that it sits against the head.

Step 3 / Tilt your head down, spread the ponytail around the donut so that there is an even head circumference.

Step 4 / Take a metal-free hair band and wrap it over the top of the donut to keep it spread.

Step 5 / Split the hair from the hair band in half, left and right.

Step 6 / Braid each side in a normal braid and attach the end with a hair band.

Step 7 / Take the braid on the left side and wrap it over the front of the bun and wrap it around the bun. ,

Step 8 / Pin the end with a hairpin and secure it against the bun.

Step 9 / With the braid on the right side, wrap it to the left to go to the bun and secure it with another hairpin.

Step 10 / Carefully pull on the bun to get a bigger bun – this is ideal to make the hairstyle proportional.

Step 11 / Grab a little hairspray and flatten any overflights to get a seamless look.

Step 12 / Take your favorite headband, I use this from ASOS, and place it 1 “- 1.5” from the hairline.




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