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Brondirovanie dark and blond hair. 100 photos.

Brondirovanie dunkle und blonde Haare. 100 Fotos.

Brondirovanie dark and blond hair. 100 photos.

Brondirovaniye – not faulty writing techniques of explanation. This is a popular and very popular color scheme that allows you to combine almost all shades of light and brown colors. Hence the name: brown (brown) and blond (light). Blonde brunettes are at the pinnacle of fashion trends, which is especially noticeable among celebrities in the West, and the correct name for such a coloring technique is brondirovanie. Gentle play of light in the dark looks very impressive and very feminine. Even lifeless and weak hair after dyeing get splendor and depth.

What does “brondinka” mean?

The technology of brondirovaniya performed on dark and black hair. The selection of black shades is more complicated and dyeing is more laborious. The maximum natural result manifests itself in the curls of the bright tones. Optimal brightening for straight hair. But it does look very impressive on such stains on every type of haircut, the implementation should be at a high level, and the end result as close as possible to the natural tone. In bronde, a maximum of three shades can be combined, but there should be no obvious color transitions, and the difference should not exceed three tones. The process itself consists of three steps, the number of which is determined by the initial tone and condition of the hair and the ideas of the master.

Selecting a base color is the first step. He is very important. A bright pearl makes a lady look like a blonde, a dark woman will resemble a brown-haired woman. Mostly the curls are painted in dark blond and light brown tones, tinting, highlighting and coloring. Most important is the chocolate coffee palette. With dark blond hair, this color is ideal as a base. The next step is the zoning of the hair and the highlighting of individual strands. Shades of natural honey, walnut, sand and amber tones used. The choice depends on the original sound. For the process, without order, the selection of strands, the intervals are uneven. The brightest tones are for the widest strands, for the narrower there are dark tones.

Dye the upper part of the hair in darker and the lower – in lighter colors, called the vertical extension of the color. Retreating from the roots during the procedure is important for two or three inches to get the game of sound. All professional masters approach the bronzing process individually, making maximum use of imagination and experience. Apply the technique of painting , lubricating a viscous dye, covering the ends of the fingers with the hair covering the film. This is followed by toning in a saturated color to balance the sharpness of the transitions. A quality branding remains on the hair for at least two months, the regrown hair roots are invisible. The biolaminating prolongs the result and gives the hair shine and health.

Advantages of the reservation.

When brondirovanii hair is minimally injured. It’s impossible to ever get along without lighting, but it’s only done at the tips. As a basis, you can use the original color without additional coloring. The toning is done with dyes that do not contain ammonia. Dazzling smoothes the skin tone, and the face looks fresh, rested and slightly browned. Gentle rouge emphasizes the correct transitions from chocolate to golden nuances. For every type of face a coloring is possible. It will visually stretch the round face, emphasize the beauty of the cheekbones, mask the thick cheeks and wide brow. On such a background, it will be easier to notice a heavy chin. That is, the aesthetic imperfections of form and skin become invisible.

A monthly color correction is not required as the hair grows naturally and the color transitions initially remain refined. Hairstyles look fluffy and voluminous. Distribute classic, zonal and ombre reservations. The classic is the highlighting of the hair tips. It turns out, the effect of curls in the sun fades. The base is natural tone. Suit and kind of bright on the nature of brown-haired women and dark blond woman. The zone armor is along the hair length. Darker and deeper shades work on the crown. Perform tinted tips that lighten up to the desired gold, caramel or wheat. When ombre-brondirovanii soft play of colors go from dark to bright.

The use of special dyeing technology prevents visible tonal boundaries. It is important that the hair for the procedure is in perfect condition. Be sure to get rid of the ends of the cut skin and keep a number of nourishing and moisturizing masks for the hair. The procedure is contraindicated for owners of ingestion curls because the structure of such hair is porous and the result is simply not visible. There are several methods to accomplish this clarification: with foil, staining in air, with vertical separation of individual strands, horizontal transition from dark to light. The procedure refers to the salon, and at home it is undesirable because of its high complexity.

But the simplest coloring in this technique can be done independently. For this, the hair is combed over the entire length without the root part. This method of applying color ensures smooth transitions. Brighten only the lower parts of the hair. After completion of the process, it is important to dye the clarified strands with tinting agents.

Brond on dark hair.

The color choice between the burnt brown-haired and blonde, brondirovanie, has long been won by fans. The hair is optically thicker, receives the necessary volume and the face is noticeably fresh. For women who are looking for a change in their own image, but are not yet ready for radical change, such an approach is sufficient. It is also good for those who want to wear the hair of a “native” color again. Layering is good on sparse and voluminous hair. For a long time, this technique is perfect. Best suited for brondirovaniya recognized dark hair. Variations are possible with the transition from dark roots to bright tips, the effect of sun glare in the hair, burnt curls and tinted frames. Most suitable shades of light brown and dark colors. Golden Beige also looks good. After booking, you need to spend a lot of time on make-up to look well groomed.

You can experiment and choose colors that match the color of the eyes and skin color. You can combine contrasting colors or suitable for the field. The technique involves the use of transfusion sounds. Brown-haired and brunettes can be precleared. To achieve soft overflows, a coloring is applied. Use coffee, light brown with gold and chocolate tones. Approaching the natural, they look natural and fresh. The procedure will change for the better appearance, will give your hair beauty and healthy appearance, and any imperfections in the appearance will become imperceptible, but the benefits will be visible.

  • 1. Create a base first. Take into account the color of the eyes, skin and natural hair tone. The closer it is to the selected hues, the more natural the result will look.
  • 2. Divide the hair into fine strands. Each is painted in a dark tone three centimeters from the root.
  • 3. For five inches from the top, the strand is painted in a light color.
  • 4. Borders shade carefully. Strands are wrapped in foil. The work begins at the back of the head and moves to the crown, temples and pony.
  • 5. Loose threads are chaotically colored. You can apply the paint with a brush, fingers and a comb. The main thing – here there is no order and division. This is the only way to achieve a lively and natural deep color.
  • 6. The final step in the cab is to perform lamination to extend the life of the process.

Any coloring is harmful to the hair. To change the color, the dye is used with chemicals that act on the hair to change its color. Therefore, it is important to first find out as much as possible about the wizard who works with hair.

Hair care after brondirovaniya.

Hair after brondirovaniya become lush and healthier externally. But they need care. Apply important shampoos that suit your type and make regular masochki for the hair. Lamination is possible to protect the hair and give it extra shine. The ability to be at the same time brunette and blonde is a quality brondirovanie. With her, the lady will lose a few years to the outside, refresh the complexion and visually get an extra amount of hair on her head. But this surgery requires a knowledge of color and a big responsibility in terms of hair. The master needs to know which hair and what time can be lightened without much harm to them, which hair can not be lightened and why. For this reason, it is necessary to turn to professional salons for experienced craftsmen.

Booking is expensive. And she does not offer anything. But when a decision is made about the need, the method is chosen and the shades are selected, then it pays to contact a qualified specialist. Save on your own appearance and hair health is not necessary. The principle of natural transitions, applied by professionals, lets the hair roll from the inside. It seems that Master’s hands did not touch the hair and the result was the activity of nature itself. This impression was to be maintained by the splendidly performed bronzing, coloring for the most beautiful and successful ladies.

Gallery of photos of brondirovanny hair.

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Brondirovanie dunkle und blonde Haare. 100 Fotos.


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