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Casual French braid

Casual French braid
Casual French braid

I’ve never been a big fan of the only French braid because I always felt it had a too matronly look. Of course, when I decided to try a new kind of braiding, a soft, romantic braid was the result that instantly banished all my previous ideas. Keep reading to learn my new trick, to create a cool French braid.

1 / section of the hair on the crown of the head; This is where the braid starts.

2 / Start with the braiding, but only pull the hair that runs in the middle of the head.

3 / As you approach the top of the neck, begin to insert pieces on the sides of the head.

4 / Braid down to the bottom of the hair and secure with a clear elastic band.

5 / Carefully pull the strands of hair from the edges of the braid to loosen and soften the appearance.

6 / Tie a pretty ribbon in the end and you’re done!

Casual French braid


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