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Classic square with extension 2017 – who fits?

If you ask a master, what kind of car should be called a classic, then the answer is probably the same – a square on straight hair, with a regular crown and no bang. If we speak of a quad with an extension on the face, which is also called French, then in this case the transition of the lengths from the rear, shorter part of the hair to the front elongated strands is added. In addition, the difference in length can be very different.

So, who is this type of car for?

1. First of all – it is still for the owner of straight and not too rare hair . Kare on curly hair is not without charm, but that’s a completely different version of your favorite hairstyle. And if your hair is still slightly curled, it is always straightened with an iron and the ideal classic shape is not worth it. Well, except for a festive event. As for the owners of rarer hair, they should take a closer look at the variations of the Bob Caret, which will visually increase the volume of your hair.

Klassisches Quadrat mit Verlängerung 2017 - wer passt?

2. The Caret with extension to even hair is ideal for a triangular face . It may also look good on owners of round and square shapes, depending on the characteristics of the transitional lengths. But a trapezoidal face does not fit because it does not add volume at the top of the head.

Surprisingly, such a square with a central part and an extension of more than ten centimeters to the face on a seemingly perfect oval does not look good, visually “overstretching” the face. In this case, the separation is necessarily performed on the page, and the difference in length is made small. But your guy suits other options, you can see them here.

Klassisches Quadrat mit Verlängerung 2017 - wer passt?

3. No unimportant moment is the whole picture of the fair sex, and more importantly – her inner willingness to choose such a haircut . First, it is worth noting that it should not be chosen by the beauties who always prefer the sporty style everywhere. There are many much brash variations of this hairstyle.

The more pronounced the transition from the back to the front strands, the more attention is paid to the owner of the hairstyle, as each asymmetry is much more noticeable. This should be ready. And if you prefer to go unnoticed by leaders at a general assembly, stop your election on the court without extending it. Otherwise, you can wrestle with your head, why is it again that “all bumps fly”. See our magazine 5 “solid types of caret>, which can be routed in 2 minutes.

Klassisches Quadrat mit Verlängerung 2017 - wer passt?Klassisches Quadrat mit Verlängerung 2017 - wer passt?Klassisches Quadrat mit Verlängerung 2017 - wer passt?Klassisches Quadrat mit Verlängerung 2017 - wer passt?

And another interesting observation concerning the same hairstyles with a difference in length of strands. They are mostly chosen by women who strive for change internally. Analyze what exactly does not suit you in your current reality. Maybe it’s summer – the time when you can not just change your hairstyle.

With love, revision


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