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Cotton candy rolls

Today’s tutorial shows the Cotton Candy Bun, also known as the Top Knot. This hairstyle was so popular about a year ago and creating a tutorial for it just slipped past me. I recently came across the same look, but now referred to as “Cotton Candy Bun” and loved the new name for it. The effect of cotton candy is created by combing the bun back immensely and then smoothing it gently while it is wrapped to create the bun. It literally takes seconds and can be carried anywhere. Follow and redesign the look at home!

Cotton candy rolls

Cotton candy rolls



  • Comb
  • H% C3% A4nselkamm “>
  • Metal-free elastic material
  • hairpins
  • hair spray

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by brushing your hair into a high ponytail. For a slimmer effect, brush your hair back and spray the top and sides with hairspray before brushing over it again. This smoothes overflights and creates a more seamless look.
  2. Tighten the hair with a metal-free hair tie. You can put some curls in your ponytail, if you wish. I use day long hair, so I have something left over from the day before.
  3. Next, grab a boar brush comb and gently comb the ponytail in sections. The trick to a softer back comb is to push the hair towards the hair band instead of flicking the hair down and back. Instead, start with the comb in the middle of the strand and press down on the hair before pushing the comb back up and repeating the downward movements until the entire strand is pulled up.
  4. Continue combing until all threads are combed. Remember that the effect is to produce volume, the bigger the fun the better.
  5. Now take the whole ponytail and spray it with hairspray before turning it forward.
  6. Keep twirling while wrapping your hair around the hair band.
  7. Poke around the base of the bun and push the pegs in the middle so they are not visible.

Tips: Start by making the bun smaller than you want, as it can be pulled more and more loosely at the end. If it does not work the first time, remove the pins and turn them again. Sometimes it may take a few tries to reach the preferred shape for the bun.

If you try that, I would like to see it! Please tag @missysueblog on Instagram and hashtag it #MSBcottoncandybun!



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