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Double braid wrapped ponytail

Double braid wrapped ponytail

Adding a pretty braid to a traditional ponytail is a quick and easy way to put it on. The holidays are just around the corner and now it’s time to start thinking about how to style your hair for the upcoming party. This Double Braid Wrapped Ponytail is fast and easy and does not require a tricky braid. With the ponytail, there is a little extra step that adds a little extra to the traditional look and invites it for a special occasion or just for a day of the week!

Double braid wrapped ponytail Double Braid Wrapped Ponytail Accessories:

  • Paddle brush
  • 6-8 hair pins
  • Fabric hair band
  • 1 “curling iron
  • Hold hair spray firmly

Double braid wrapped ponytail

Double braided ponytail Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Brush through the hair to remove any tangles. Then separate a small section of hair on the crown, about two inches back from the hairline. Turn the hair to the right side and place it against the head.
  • Step 2 / Slide Bobby Pins horizontally into the rotation on the right and left sides to secure it in place.
  • Step 3 / Divide two small strands of hair from the part to the left and right ear. Put the rest of the hair in the back of a ponytail and tie it directly under the twisted part.
  • Step 4 / Braid the small section on the right to a regular three-strand braid.
  • Step 5 / Wrap the braid over the hairband of the ponytail and continue winding until you reach the end. Then pin it with a hair clip and slide the pin under the ponytail to hide it.
  • Step 6 / Braid the section on the left side into another three-strand braid.
  • Step 7 / Wrap it over the ponytail, similar to the previous step, and pin the end.
  • Step 8 / Carefully loosen the sides of the braid to make it full. Spray the hairstyle with hair spray and roll the ends of the ponytail with a 1 “curling iron.

Double braid wrapped ponytail

Double braid wrapped ponytailDouble braid wrapped ponytail



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