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Double Dutch Braided Bun

Double Dutch Braided BunDouble Dutch Braided Bun

A double dutch braided bun for those days you’re ready to try something new.

When they hit the runways are always perfectly intricate, easily disheveled, and sleekly sophisticated. Copying them exactly and trying to make a little bit of dutch braiding, two elastics, and a few hair pins.

I recently got this hairstyle on our hike last Sunday. The air was cool and the leaves were already beginning to fall. Have it up and off my face made the hike more enjoyable and I did not have to worry about it once.

The style is done by splitting the hair in half down the center of the head. Next the hair is braided into two braids and secured at the end with an elastic band. The tails are then crossed over each other and wrapped back and over each other to form the braided bun at the neck of the neck. I hope you enjoy this look!


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