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Double Dutch headband braids

Double Dutch headband braidsDouble Dutch headband braidsDouble Dutch headband braids

Sarah I thought it would be fun to do it myself. This hairstyle takes the traditional dutch braid along the hairline to the next level. It’s a double-whammy, the twin sisters. It’s the same way except with the top braid beginning of farther back on the noggin ‘. Here are the steps to completing the look:

1 / Begin by parting your hair in a deep side part.
2 / Next Separate the hair into two halves by drawing a line from the middle of your right ear.
3 / Separate the front hair with a clip
4 / Begin braiding the back into a dutch braid pulling in hair from the furthest part of your head.
5 / Once the braid reaches the ear, secure it with an hair pin.
6 / Release the pinned section and repeat steps four and five.
7 / Loose the braids by tugging out the sides and hide the part that separate them.
8 / Finish with a spray of hair spray.


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