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Double Dutch plaited rolls

Double Dutch plaited rollsDouble Dutch plaited rolls

A double Dutch braided bun for those days you’re ready to try something new.

When models hit the runways, the braids are always perfectly entangled, slightly disheveled and elegantly refined. Exactly copying them may well be the fight, but this particular hairstyle is easy to reconstruct, just need a little Dutch braiding, two rubber bands and a few hairpins.

I recently wore this hairstyle on our “hike” last Sunday. The air was cool and the leaves were already falling. Making it up and down made the walk more enjoyable and I did not have to worry.

The style is achieved by splitting the hair into the middle of the head. Next, the hair is braided in two Dutch braids and fastened at the end with an elastic band. The tails are then crossed one over the other and wound back and over each other to form the braided knot in the neck. I hope you like this look!



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