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Double Waterfall Braid and Fishtail Side Braid

This particular hairstyle features a waterfall braid, then a French braid is added and all hair is then braided into a lateral fishtail braid. There is a tutorial for this after the jump.

Follow these steps to get the Double Waterfall and the Fishtail Side Braid!

Step 1 / Start with a section of hair directly at the top of the hairline.

Step 2 / Separate the section into three parts.

Step 3 / Start a French plait by crossing the side strands across the middle.

Step 4 / If you cross the dorsal cord over the middle, put a strand of hair on the right side of the braid and insert it in the strands.

Step 5 / Cross over the front side string again over the middle before starting the waterfall section.

Step 6 / Repeat step 4, cross the back strand and bring in a section.

Step 7 / Now lower the front strand and bring a section of hair directly behind the strand and insert it into the braid to create a waterfall effect.

Step 8 / Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the braid reaches the nape of the neck.

Step 9 / Tie the braid with a hair tie.

Step 10 / Now take another hair part on the heavy side of the part directly in front of the waterfall braid.

Step 11 / Separate the section into three pieces and complete a French weave by pulling the waterfall pieces with the back strands.

Step 12 / Once the braid reaches the neck, separate the hair in half.

Step 13 / Take a smaller section of one half and cross it over the top and insert it into the other half, creating a fishtail braid.

Step 14 / Repeat step 13 with the other side until the braid reaches the end of the hair.

Step 15 / Tie the end with a hair and gently loosen the braid by pulling on the sides.

Now you have a beautiful French waterfall with a side fishtail braid!

Double Waterfall Braid und Fishtail Side Braid


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