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Double Waterfall Braids Updo

Double Waterfall Braids Updo

This double waterfall pigtail updo is so many things, I’m not sure where to start. When I planned that in my head, I wanted to create an updo that was complicated yet simple. The first time I tried it was chaotic and disheveled and overall, was dissatisfied with the result. A second attempt, with a little more attention to detail, I was able to achieve this fun updo, which will definitely inspire the crowd.

The back part is much easier to reach than you think, which makes me love it even more. The front part is more difficult because of the double braid. If you are an avid braider, then I have no doubt that you will love the challenge of creating this double waterfall effect. Styles like these literally give me life! I was so excited to share it with you; I hope you love it just like me!

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Double Waterfall Braids Updo

Double Waterfall Braids Updo Accessories:

Double Waterfall Braids Updo

Double Waterfall Braids Updo Instructions:

  • Step 1 / Brush through the hair to smooth out any tangles. Then divide the hair on the right side.
  • Step 2 / Divide two front parts, from the part to each ear, and cut off the front parts.
  • Step 3 / Make a horizontal section from the top of each ear and cut off the top section.
  • Step 4 / Wrap the bottom section in a messy bun and prick the edges against your head.
  • Step 5 / Lower the top section and divide it into three parts, a left and a right and an upper section.
  • Step 6 / Twist the top part and put it against the head to create a volume on the crown.
  • Step 7 / Take a 1 “hair from the left side, twist it together and wrap it counterclockwise around the bun, pinning the ends.
  • Step 8 / Separate a 1 “piece of hair from the right side, twist it together, wrap it around the bun and poke it against your head.
  • Step 9 / Continue to wrap small pieces of hair around the bread roll until all hair is twisted and wrapped and the cut-off section on the left side is the last piece.
  • Step 10 / Leave the cut off section on the left side and separate a small piece of hair at the back of the section, near the part.
  • Step 11 / Divide this section into three parts for the braid.
  • Step 12 / Create a waterfall braid, Braiding your hair towards the left ear, tie the end with a clear elastic band.
  • Step 13 / Take a new section of hair near the second waterfall pigtail.
  • Step 14 / Braid a second waterfall braid, keeping a distance of 1 “between this braid and the previous one.
  • Step 15 / Bind off the end of the braid before pinning both behind the left ear and wrapping the ends underneath the bottom of the bun.
  • Step 16 / Twist the waterfall pieces from the pigtails, wrap them over the bun, and fix the ends.
  • Step 17 / Spray the finished hairstyle with a tight-fitting hairspray and curl additional pieces that frame the face.

Double Waterfall Braids UpdoDouble Waterfall Braids Updo


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