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Dutch braided top knot

Dutch braided top knot

If you have already mastered the crown and lace knots, you will love this hairstyle. It’s a combination of both and a fabulous way to wear your hair this summer. It takes your hair off your neck, keeps you cool and looks great all season.

I’m a big fan of this style and wanted to create my own version of the look. It took me a few practice runs to be just right, but I know you can do it with a bit of practice. Try it out and tag me on Instagram and Twitter as usual (@mysysueblog) if you decide to restore the look!

Dutch braided top knot

  • Step 1 / Start with one piece on the right, remove a large portion of the hair on the crown (this is for the bun) and tie it off with an elastic or crocodile clip.
  • Step 2 / Start a Dutch braid and braid the front of the hair down to the nape.
  • Step 3 / Braid the hair around the back of the head.
  • Step 4 / Turn the braid so that it goes up on the right side. This is the hardest part and requires a bit of practice to get it right. If you get accidental shocks, they can always be nailed down at the end.
  • Step 5 / When all the hair is put into the braid, braid the cut in a normal braid; then go back and loosen the edges slightly to create a fuller pigtail.
  • Step 6 / Place the braid behind the beginning of the braid and put it against the head.
  • Step 7 / Next, let the section of hair that was attached to the crown.
  • Step 8 / Wrap the band twice over the hair with a hair band as if you were making a ponytail.
  • Step 9 / Before the last wrapping, bend your head forward and spread the base of the ponytail in a circular pattern as if a retina donut was covered in hair.
  • Step 10 / Now wrap the “donut” with the hair band and gently pull on the edges to create a larger “donut” shape that is created by the hair.
  • Step 11 / Take the rest of the hair sticking out of the band and twist everything together.
  • Step 12 / Wrap it around the base and pin the end with a hair clip.
  • Step 13 / Using several hair clips, small pieces of hair and pull it up to the head, pinning the bun against the head.
  • Step 14 / Continue pinning until it creates the shape you prefer.
  • Step 15 / Set the style with hairspray and you’re done!

Dutch braided top knotDutch braided top knotDutch braided top knotDutch braided top knotDutch braided top knotDutch braided top knot



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