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Dutch Fishtail Half Updo

Dutch Fishtail Half Updo

It’s almost summer and time to change your look. Today’s tutorial shows a half-up style with a Mohawk-Dutch braid wrapped uniquely in a fishtail braid. It’s great for every day and has a loose, boho vibe to it. I think you will really love it and be able to adapt the braids to your own style, whether you prefer a regular braid, a French braid or a fishtail braid. Try it and let me know what you think!

Dutch Fishtail Half Updo

Dutch Fishtail Half Updo Supplies:

  • 1 1/4 “curling iron
  • Luxy Hair Extensions (LUXYMISSYSUE)
  • 2 clear rubber bands
  • Medium hairspray

Dutch Fishtail Half Updo

Dutch Fishtail Half Updo Instructions:

To prepare for this hairstyle, I curled my hair with a 1 1/4 “curling iron and cut it into 3 shots of hair extensions, two 2-clip wefts, and a 3-clip weft.

  • Step 1 / Separate all the hair you want to frame your face, then brush the hair straight out of your forehead.
  • Step 2 / Take a small head on your forehead and divide it into three smaller sections.
  • Step 3 / Start a Dutch weave crossing the side strands under the middle.
  • Step 4 / Continue the braid along the top of the head and bring small hair pieces to the crown.
  • Step 5 / Stop adding hair and braid the section further by setting the floor with an elastic band.
  • Step 6 / Take two strands of hair on the left and right sides of the head.
  • Step 7 / Bring the two sections up to the braid, which crosses them criss-cross.
  • Step 8 / Wrap each section once around the braid and then tie the tails with another elastic band underneath.
  • Step 9 / Now remove the rubber band from the end of the braid and braid it into a fishtail braid that secures the end with a rubber band.
  • Step 10 / Set the style with hair spray and smooth out all overflights.

Dutch Fishtail Half Updo



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