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Dutch Head Braid with side tip Braid

Dutch Head Braid with side tip BraidDutch Head Braid with side tip Braid
I recently saw a “picture> similar to this haircut on Pinterest” and the girls bright red “hair” popped so beautifully in the photo that I wanted to imitate her braided hairstyle. Sarah, “my sister”, also has long red hair and I asked if she would be my model for this pinterest inspired hairstyle.

To achieve this hairstyle. I plaited the upper “pigtail in the holl art”, pulled along the hairline and ended in a regular braid that was nailed down the back. The braid that comes down and over her shoulder is a lace trim, “where the top st of the hair is pulled in so the bottom appears loose. then it was finished with a regular braid on her shoulder

It makes me wish that I had Sarah’s beautiful, long curly hair, but she knows it now, because I’m sure and tell her every time I see her.

Dutch Head Braid with side tip Braid
Ps Today is the best day of the year, especially when it was in 2010 (: 10/10



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