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Dyeing of dark and light hair. 60 photos.

Färben von dunklen und hellen Haaren. 60 Fotos.

Dyeing of dark and light hair.

Changes in the picture can not be started only with a radical change of the picture. It is quite permissible to give a hairstyle a new life first. Coloring will help. Thin hair with their help they acquire such an important volume for them, emphasizing the complexity and refinement of the haircut, and the gray hair is completely masked. The question is, not all ladies know what the real color really is.

Emphasis is the coloring or clarification of individual strands, since the use of several nuances in the accentuation itself can be called coloring.

Main types of coloring

The coloring is the coloring of the scalp in a tone somewhat similar to the original or the contrasting tones. You can use different types of dyes: tint, tint, lightening, and durability. The duration of the procedure depends on the type of dye selected and the effect the woman wants to achieve. Dyeing is done on the hair and melirovannyh, and bleached. Complete and partial staining is known. At full treatment, the hair is completely exposed. At the same time, its original color is completely replaced by the selected color. Partial staining – staining only some parts of the hair. The natural color is retained and contrasting or close-to-each other hues are selected by the master. For a given tone, the entire composition is completely selected.

There are color variations horizontally and vertically. In the case of horizontal, the first place is assigned to the three selected color tones. At the roots usually a more saturated and darker tone is chosen, up to the middle of the strand, which is slightly lighter, and the ends of the hair are already completely light. Such coloring will come natural hairstyles. For vertical dyeing, you can use up to eighteen shades. However, professionals believe it is much more effective to apply multiple tones so that the hairstyle is not overloaded with color nuances.

For the transverse coloration, the master brings dyes with a darker tone into the root zone, to the brighter ones in the direction of the ends. And this method is considered the result of greater naturalness. This technique is more complicated, but the result lasts longer on the hair. For the process, the surface of the head is divided into three zones, each of which is divided into small strands. In the selected colors, paint each one of them. For extra volume, the hair coloring is uneven. The application of such a technique is perfect for thin hair.

Home coloring

Semi-resistant, sounding, resistant, natural and chemical dyes are used in the process. The specialist necessarily takes into account all the reasonable wishes of the customer as well as the fact that the hair has been previously dyed, and of course its structure. For creative images, the washable colors are suitable, so you can change the image more often. Some shades will only stay on your hair for a few days. For other images, it is important to use dyes that are resistant to fix the result.

In order to maintain a high quality of the coloring and least damage the hair structure, you must contact the salon. The reason for this is that the process of coloring is quite complicated, and it is necessary that Master has the experience and ability to create subtle and subtle color transitions. In this case, the hair looks better. But, if there is no way to use the services of a professional, you have to act independently.

First of all, it is worth carefully weighing all the pros and cons of such a decision. It is possible that the results obtained and obtained are different. Then you need to buy a set to dye with the right shades and study the instructions carefully. It is important to follow all instructions carefully to get a satisfactory result.

How to wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo should be done a few days before the procedure. No additional hair care products should be used. Before applying the color composition, a preliminary test for allergic reactions to the skin from the inside of the elbow should be carried out. If you first color yourself, you should not take complex drawings and shocking pictures. It is better to limit shades that distinguish a few tones from the original color. If you do not want to soothe your clothes, you must wear an old robe or towel and rub the hairline on your forehead with a greasy cream. After the preparations, you can start to dye.

To see the result on the dark hair, you can lighten a few strands. Platinum and Ash tones are very effective in black hair. For auburn hair, all shades of the red palette are good. The paint is thinned according to the instructions and each container is labeled so it will not be confused while working. Each composition must be mixed thoroughly, without lumps. Small strands are separated from the hair mass and dyed on foil strips. The edges of the film next to the root rotate so that the strand is “wrapped”. Be sure to fix the design so that it does not fall off your head.

When the work starts with a bang, it is necessary to go to the center of the head at the back of the head. When working from the back of the head – move to the forehead. Spiders, do not participate in dyeing, prickle so as not to disturb. If you work with different colors, you must use several brushes and not one for all. If only one brush is present, the brush is rinsed after applying one color, dried and then the application of a different color begins. The processing of the order must be ready for operation, so that the coloring is uniform. With the decoration in the form of a film structure you have to stay in the kit all the time. The next step is to flush paint. The hair is washed thoroughly with shampoo. Balm-reducing balm is applied to wet hair. The remaining color on the skin is removed with milk or tonic. If necessary, the hair is dried with a hair dryer, but better – natural drying, so that the hot air does not cause injury to the hair.

Benefits of coloring

Through the use of coloring, simple hairstyles get an interesting and fashionable look and the necessary accents are set in haircuts with complex structures. The distribution of the strands in one way or another provides the opportunity to obtain the desired shades with different lighting and different spread rates. The natural tone becomes livelier and on long strands an amazing and natural color transition is achieved. Coloring contributes to external rejuvenation, “removes” age and masks gray hair. It makes the chosen image stylish and bright. After all, coloring helps creative people stand out from the crowd without risking being vulgar.

The choice of technology coloring

Multicolor coloring effective at any age. The essence of technology in coloration is the order in colors that are similar in color or in contrast. Strands are selected at random. It turns out that playing different pile of hair in a new way. Such a color is called asymmetric. If your own hair is ashy, the salt and pepper technique is sufficient. First, the locks are colored in bright colors, then smooth transitions are made to black. For older ladies who prefer gray hair, such a color is just perfect.

In neon colors, the strands are painted in bright colors. Therefore, the technology is suitable for young and creative girls, as such brightness is not suitable for a strict office type. Dyeing pony does not mean that all hair is dyed. The sound is chosen close to the source or the contrast. Everything is determined by the imagination of the owner and master who works with hair.

In zone staining, a particular area is colored, random, or targeted. A template is used to color the pattern.
The technology for applying colorants to stencils is also known. As a result, you get creative geometric patterns. For dyeing you almost always take on bright and saturated colors. Neon Colors – Patches in the tone of your favorite handbags, nail polish lacquers or in the color of the dress. To perform it is necessary to clear the hair, then apply the selected shades using the unstable gels, which are washed away after six-eight times without a trace. Such a color is perfect for young fashionistas.

Only brown-haired women or brunettes will be able to use the American dyeing method effectively. Specialist for him chooses four notes, similar in tone. On thin hair and without volume, you must choose the coloring in natural colors, with the number of tones used from three to ten. If you apply a larger amount, there is a risk that you will get a wrong and inappropriate hairstyle. But if the recommendation of an experienced master is to add a palette, then it is perfectly acceptable to agree with the opinion of a professional.

For a creative and bright image you can choose unnatural and saturated colors: indigo, purple, scarlet and green. Every classic haircut becomes a masterpiece of neo-art with any hair length. And, without doubt, without attention his owner will not leave. But there is one caveat: The hairstyle must be carefully monitored and updated regularly. For natural blondes with the right combination of eye and skin colors, the colors are chosen in warm colors: honey, red, strawberry colors and ash-colored curls “cool” the hair. It is possible to simulate the burning of hair ends in the sun.

For a successful coloring of the dark hair, it is important to lighten the strands before, then the coloring is effective. The ash tones are beautiful in combination with black hair, and the addition of light strands will refresh your face and make it more youthful. With red hair harmonize perfectly coffee and copper tones, as well as whitish bleached curls. Of particular importance is the dyeing of thin strands. Master practice layer by layer in different colors. With the right choice of palette of this technique will have an amazing effect on the result. Such strands of haircut cascades look particularly beneficial: each “step” of the ladder has its own shadow, in harmony with the others.

Dyeing a randomly selected thin strand in contrasting colors is interesting on long hair without bang. On blond hair it is easier to dye: no whitening, the hair is less injured. As on the long. Thus, the coloring looks the same for short blondies. The coloring can be done with unstable colors, which means that the image can be changed as many times as the owner wishes.

Dye dark hair

For the fine and delicate female nature shopping and changing the image remains the best way to reduce stress. Coloring – an incredible opportunity to experiment with hair. Here is the picture very easy to change. But you have to refresh the image as hair regrowth. On dark hair spectacular pictures and partially contrasting hair act.

Dyeing dark hair is chosen by ladies of all ages. You can pick up the tone of the classic section, and you can choose the bright and pungent shades of a neon palette. Adult ladies prefer the quiet tones of a single scale. Coloring 3D, Ombre and Brondirovanie are among the types of coloring by combinations of colors. The essence of Bronde is the transition from a blonde to a dark color, brond. Sounds are faced to a minimum, and the transitions are smooth and natural. The most relevant is the selection of beige and golden brown mixtures.

Dark roots and bright ends of the hair are the Ombre technique. The transition is pretty sharp, but the boundaries can be “blurry” as well. The color scheme of Ombre on long and wavy hair is especially elegant. Straight strands look fuller and spicy. The 3D technique is the volume and fluffiness of the hair. 3D creates the most elegant and delicate play of colors. Brightness and sharpness are excluded: only soft and slightly different. Volumetric coloring gives the hairstyle depth and the addition of light accents in the form of clarified tips makes the sun shine in the hair.

The 3D technique is considered the most glamorous. Coloring has no age. Women, young and mature, can use this method to change their image without fear. Young ladies prefer bright colors, and ladies are more impressive than classic combinations. The performance of such serious work should be entrusted to the professionals so that the shades are chosen correctly and the brightness of the eyes and the freshness of the face are emphasized. Painting is an increasingly popular process, both to change the image as well as to get a good mood.

Fashionable hair color

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Färben von dunklen und hellen Haaren. 60 Fotos.


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