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Evening hairstyles for medium hair. 70 photos.

Abendfrisuren für mittlere Haare. 70 Fotos.

Evening hairstyles for medium hair. 70 photos.

When a girl prepares for the evening, everything should be perfect – a dress, shoes, accessories and do not forget her hair. If you wear the evening styling to the outfit, there’s no need to pick up something complicated. Although, if you have time to visit a stylist, you can entrust the creation of a complicated hairstyle to a professional. If you make styling at home, choose simple hairstyles because such styling can also look great. Which hairstyles can be attributed to the evening?

Sexual big curls can be attributed to styling for a solemn occasion. In addition, this hairstyle looks good on both long and middle hair. This styling is very simple: you have to turn the tips, comb the roots and then fix with varnish. You can still mix and set curls as you like. Even the simple evening hairstyles can tail tail – glamor and horse assign. If your evening dress is rather restrained, then it will complement the stylish tail. Glamorous differs from the usual in that around the elastic band of the first twist a strand of hair and fix it in the same hairpin. The ponytail is a versatile styling, but to make it look like an evening, you have to experiment a bit. For example, mix the hair on the superfrontal part and you can sprinkle with fixative on the top of the head and collect everything in a high tail. You can also free the front strands that frame the face. The ponytail is ready.

For evening hairstyles also include various French styling. For example, the French braid is simple and elegant hairstyle, perfect for evening wear. This styling opens the face, like the “French Twist”. The latter looks amazing with young girls as well as with women in old age. To create a “French twist”, you need to: twist your hair, then comb it with your fingers and wrap it in the back of the head or near the neck. The hair is ready.

Despite the unusual name, the next hairstyle looks very feminine. A “low bump” is easy: you have to collect the hair in the tail below the neck, twist it into a loose braid and fix it. The front is usually shared strand, which is split in two and fixed so that they fall on the face. In general, hair tufts have long been fashionable and it seems that they will stay there for a long time. This is not surprising, because they look very elegant and are easy to create. “Malvinki” looks very sexy – half-gathered hair above and loose below. This hairstyle can be seen at Angelina Jolie.

And now we will consider a mid-hair evening hairstyle version that can be done alone, but it will take more patience and time than the ones mentioned above. Although it is not difficult when practicing, you can do it quickly. An elegant option is a flat bundle “French Spit”.

1. Take a skein on the right side to braid a braid and weave it from top right to left. The French braid is easy to weave: it consists of two strands that must be crossed with each other, on the one hand loose strands are added and then on the other.
2. When the braid reaches the left ear, continue to weave it over the lower hairline. Weave all hair, attach the end with a rubber band (preferably thin and matching hair color).
3. Twist the braid into a bundle in a spiral and attach it with hairpins (stealth or rivets).

Keep in mind that each braid can be used in different styles, so do not be lazy to learn how to make it (regular, “spike”, “fish tail”, French braid, Dutch and many others). Do not forget the accessories in your hair, they give every styling a festive look, and they will collect your image more. Successful to your experiments!

Photos of evening hairstyles.

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Abendfrisuren für mittlere Haare. 70 Fotos.


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