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Everything about lightening hair. 250 photos. Part 1.

Alles über aufhellende Haare. 250 Fotos. Teil 1.

Everything about lightening hair. 250 photos. Part 1.

According to the survey results, the most common and popular color is blond. No wonder since Marilyn Monroe conquered the whole world. Because women have long been interested in the problem of brightening hair, it is important and their condition after the procedure. Lightening gives your hair a new color that is at least one tone lighter than the previous one. A considerable amount of natural pigment is destroyed, allowing hair to be dyed in lighter colors. The highest degree of clarification – bleaching or discoloration. In this series of articles you will find answers to all questions about this procedure. You will also find a variety of different thematic photos with fashionable hairstyles and hairstyles. We appreciate your feedback in the comments on these topics.

Lighten dark hair.

Dark hair is more difficult to lighten than originally blond. Difficult, but possible. The main question is not the difficulty for the master, but whether the customer is a picture of a blonde. Traditional clarifiers contain hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right concentration: too much is associated with burns on the scalp and the risk of hair loss. Professionals recommend a concentration of twelve percent for thick hair and four percent for thin hair. Be sure to first judge the length, texture of the hair and natural color. Fifty grams of perhydrol are enough to form an average length. First, you need to check the performance on a string. Only after receiving a positive result, the composition can be applied to the entire length.

The time spent on the head is determined by the individual characteristics of the client, but it is best to contact the masters with experience. Peroxide whitening is bad for the hair. They become brittle, dry and lose their elasticity. Therefore, care after bleaching is important, using only special shampoos, conditioners and masks. In order to achieve the desired result with dark hair, as with highlighting, the procedure is several steps. If the coloring is the first, the hair will be brighter by three or four tones. More than once to apply the composition is not necessary. After a week you can spend the next stage. The reason is the slow lightening of the dark pigment: there is no time to fade in one process.

It is necessary to prepare the solution just before the procedure, and the hair must spread the composition extremely quickly. The mixture is prepared in a non-metallic container, it is better to take the porcelain or glass dishes. You need to mix the hydrogen peroxide with water, fifty grams of each ingredient. To accelerate the process of the blonde, add a few drops of ammonia. But this “know-how” threatens to turn to yellowing. You can not wash your hair before surgery to avoid removing the sebum and protecting the scalp from burns. The skin of the forehead on the edge of the hair is smeared with a greasy cream. A mixture of gloves that is applied to the hair and lightens very quickly. A few minutes – and you can rinse the product off and wash it off carefully with a moisturizing shampoo. To fix the color and stop the bleaching process, you can rinse the hair with water with vinegar. There will be whiteness and softness.

If the hair has already been dyed before, it will not be easy to lighten it, especially if the chosen color was red or henna. The difficulty also lies in the fact that it is impossible to predict the final version, even the master professional. Instead of streaks of light you can get a dirty yellow tone or even orange. After applying henna a discoloration threatens to make the hair green. It is better not to change the picture drastically, but to highlight a few strands. Simply select the strands, lay the prepared tool and wrap it in foil. Depending on the composition of the solution, a coloring can be done.

Homemade lighting with their own hands.

Under the influence of peroxide even a burning brunette can turn into a platinum blonde with a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle. But only a few extra seconds – and the hair can just as easily get lost. Therefore you should not use such radical means yourself: it is better to resort to the services of professionals. More prudent is the clarification with hair dyes. It has a softer effect on the structure as it contains hair additives in the composition. With colors you can vary the degree of brightness and tonal components. If there are no ways to use the services of a specialist, you can dye your hair at home. It is important to follow all the rules.

1. Before lightening colored hair, it is necessary to get rid of the color pigment. A special tool helps to remove substances from the depths of the hair structure. This action prevents the appearance of yellowing.

2. It is important to choose professional settling tanks. They have special substances. The higher the concentration, the lighter the hair color. There is no experience in colors? Then it is better to contact the adviser or speak with your master. The trend colors include gold, straw and honey. In addition to platinum, there are many fashionable colors that fit more ladies.

3. Yellowness does not appear immediately. But getting rid of it is necessary. This requires a specialized shampoo.

4. Do not apply paint on wet hair. After washing, the head should last at least two hours. If you need to paint, you must first apply cosmetic oil on your hair to protect the hair. Only then can paint be applied.

5. Hair before dyeing is important to comb carefully. The application of color begins at the back of the head, as thicker hair is present. Twenty minutes are enough for a little explanation to get a brighter tone – you have to hold about forty minutes. Then the head is washed without adding shampoo with water.

6. Apply a malbe balm or regular mask on damp hair, which is used regularly.

7. After dyeing hair experience stress. For resuscitation you need shampoos for colored hair and regenerative masks. Needed special shampoos for blonde flowers.

8. For aesthetics, it is important to stain the roots every three weeks.

Folk remedies for clarification.

There are many tools used by great-grandmothers. They help to lighten the hair without aggressive means. Below we talk about the most common. If you have your own methods, we will be happy to share them with you in the comments section of this article.

Glycerin clarification.

The tool will make the hair brighter than a tone. For cooking, you must pour 50 grams of chamomile with boiling water. After cooling, add sixty grams of glycerol to the infusion. The mixture should be applied along the length of the hair, wrap a warm towel and leave it for half an hour. The mask is washed off with warm water.

Lighting daisies.

The finished hair will be silky and lighter. Use the folk remedy effectively on your hair, bright by nature. To prepare the broth, pour four tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers with a quart of water and boil for ten minutes in a water bath. When the composition has cooled, you can filter and rinse. Do not rinse or rub your hair unnecessarily. It is possible to save the decoction for one day, therefore it is impossible to save for the future. Immediately expect visible results should not be: the manifestation of the effect is possible only after the fifth or sixth procedure. Pryadki lights up a few tones, will be golden and shiny.

On thin and soft hair, chamomile will play the role of an excellent fixative. The procedure will not cause any harm, but brunettes can not become blondes after rinsing with chamomile. But the healthy shine and the beauty of the hair is guaranteed. Clarification requires an infusion of greater concentration: per liter of water – ten tablespoons of chamomile. Cook for ten minutes, insist – fifteen. To enhance the effect, you can add a few tablespoons of lemon juice. After rinsing the hair, it is important to dry without a hair dryer, it is also not recommended to wrap the head with a towel so as not to leave the whole infusion on it.

Lemons lightening.

The tool is pretty effective, with no reusable use. Rinse the hair with freshly squeezed lemon juice (one fruit per liter) after each wash with water. Gradually the hair gets brighter, extra silky and beautiful shine. Citric acid dries hair, so you can only apply the method to high-fat and dense structured hair. The result of the process is not only the clarification, but also the detection of a unique flowing radiation.

Brightening Kefir.

To restore the lifeless hair, the tool is trouble-free, it also makes lightening easier. To prepare the composition, you will need 50 grams of unrestored kefir, egg yolk, pollimon juice and a few tablespoons of brandy and a teaspoon of hair balm. A thoroughly mixed mixture is spread through the hair. Keep the composition on the hair at least eight hours, because it is better to do this procedure at night or for the whole day. Then the mask is washed off with a balm or hair conditioner.

Brightening henna.

The method is suitable for light brown hair. White henna peroxide in the composition does not contain. It is less harmful to hair, but you can lighten dyed hair so as not to get a red tint. Henna is diluted with water to a thick cream. The composition is distributed in strands and allowed to stand for half an hour or 40 minutes. Wash. To obtain a white color, the process is repeated. But henna is worth using as a last resort. The reason is not just the possibility of yellowing. Henna is a chemical element with natural additives, not a plant. And she also knows how to dry her hair. Much more benefit from the use of natural products.

Brightening honey.

If there is no allergy to honey, you can use it to clarify it. There are several ways to make the whitening composition.

1. On clean, damp hair, which is washed with a balm with half a teaspoon of soda, liquid natural honey is applied from root to tip. At the locks remain at least eight hours. It is important when heating honey in a water bath not to heat more than 40 degrees so that it does not lose its beneficial properties.

2. For four lemons, you need to take half a liter of five percent apple cider vinegar, twenty grams of dried chamomile flowers and the same amount of marigold, thirty grams of rhubarb root, fifty grams of honey, and a similar amount of brandy. Rhubarb is filled with vinegar, the mixture is kept in a water bath for ten minutes. In ten minutes chamomile, calendula, juice of half of all lemons are added to the composition and the composition is boiled for five minutes. The broth is cooled, filtered, brandy, honey and lemon (juice) add. For a small clarification, just a few notes, the maximum is to spread one tablespoon of the mixture per liter of water and to rinse your hair regularly. For a clear explanation, the undiluted mixture is applied to the washed wet strands for five shades and washed off in half an hour. It is important not to overdo it in order not to dry your hair.

3. Mix the kefir in equal parts with honey and spread it over the hair length for eight hours. The hair is lightened, but becomes more docile, lively and shiny.

Knowingly dangerous elements consider professionals glycerin and peroxide. Therefore, it is much more useful to replace them with professional colors. But the use of natural products not only makes hair easier, but restores and nourishes it. In the next part of this series of articles, we will talk about how to eliminate the hateful yellowing, how to properly stroke the roots, and also about the conditions necessary for hair restoration after the lightening process. Of course we will continue to publish beautiful photos of stylish hairstyles and hairstyles.

Brighten the hair at home.

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Alles über aufhellende Haare. 250 Fotos. Teil 1.


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