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Fade to Fall Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Fade to Fall Hair and Makeup Tutorial
Fall is officially here and today I’m looking forward to working with Sally Beauty again to share a simple everyday look that’s perfect for the new season. Whether you’re going to work or out and about with friends, that everyday make-up look and pretty, sideways sweeping style will make you look chic and elegant for any occasion.

Fade to Fall Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Whether you prefer a video tutorial or read through the steps, I’ve treated you with both below! Let’s start with this pretty make-up look!

Fade to Fall Hair and Makeup TutorialFade to Fall Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Step 1 / Starting with the eyebrows, I’ll easily fill them with the Femme Couture Perfect Bow Soft Powder Brow Pencil in Tan. I love to use this because it’s a soft, powdery formula that easily fits for a natural look.

Step 2 / Then I use them with the Femme Couture Perfect Arch Fiberized Brow Gel, which is a great product for thicker brows.

Step 3 / Move to the eyes I will prime the lids with the Femme Couture Flawless Touch Eye Primer and mix them with my ring finger. This is an important step as the primer helps to prevent wrinkles and lines while keeping the eye shadow longer.

Step 4 / Then use the Eye Contour Brush from Face Secrets I will put this Bidzy eyeshadow in the color gold on my whole lid. These eyeshadow tones are silky and lively, ideal for everyday wear.

Step 5 / To blend the crease, I use this light brown Bidzy eyeshadow color “Caramel Latte” with the Face Secrets Blending Brush on the crease.

Step 6 / Next I use ‘Bonfire Attire’ to deepen the fold and I use this Flat Secrets Flat Eyeshadow Brush.

Step 7 / Now I will line my eyelash line with the black eyeliner Palladio. This liner is so easy to use because it has a retractable applicator, does not smear and slide so smoothly.

Step 8 / For my eyelashes, I use a few layers of Femme Couture Fake Lash Mascara on my upper and lower lashes for dramatic volume and length. I love this formula because it wears a lot and does not smear all day long.

Step 9 / Going to the face, I start by priming it with the Primera Femme Couture primer.

Step 10 / Then I apply with the Femme Couture CC cream-toned moisturizer in the shade light with the Secrets Foundation Brush Face. This blends easily with the skin, creating a natural-looking complexion that gives it a silky smooth finish.

Step 11 / After contouring, I’ll add some color with the Bitzy Bronzer Blush Duo in Sunset Shadow with the Face Secrets Blush Brush. This is a great product because it is two in one and gives the skin a sun kissed look.

Step 12 / At the end of the look I’m wearing a Bicky Lipstick in the shade “in nude”. This is a great make-up look for every day, but a super easy way to change your look for fall is a deeper color of lipstick; preferably one that fits your nails.

This Bicky Lipstick in the shade “Cabaret” is a beautiful burgundy color and after an extra step, your makeup look is now ready for the new fall season.

Fade to Fall Hair and Makeup TutorialFade to Fall Hair and Makeup TutorialFade to Fall Hair and Makeup Tutorial

After the make-up we are ready to go into the hairstyle.

Step 1 / To add a little texture, I spray my hair and roots with the dry shampoo Ion Styling Solutions. This is a favorite because it absorbs oil while refreshing my hair without leaving any flaky white residue.

Step 2 / Now create a Dutch braid that will incorporate new sections into the braid until it reaches the tip of the left ear.

Step 3 / Once the braid reaches the left ear, add the hair on the right side to the neck. Then you braid a few more stitches of a normal braid.

Step 4 / Divide a small section of hair under the hair

Step 5 / Tie the braid to this small area of ​​hair with a transparent rubber band. This keeps the braid in place and ensures that the style retains the Sidewept effect.

Once the braid has set, you can go back and make the braid a little bigger and fuller by gently pulling on the edges of the braid, which works from the bottom up.

Step 6 / Now we’re ready to curl up the hair and spray it first with the Beyond the Zone Smooth Criminal Thermo Protect Spray. I love to use this before any heat styling as it lays the hair layer down and minimizes heat damage while remaining shiny and smooth.

Step 7 / Take the GVP Professional Clipless Curling Wand and take a small piece of hair, wrap it around the wand so that it is rolled away from the face. Continue to wrap small pieces of hair until everything is rolled, and hold each section for 3 to 5 seconds before releasing it.

Step 8 / Once all hair is rolled up, I run my fingers through them to break them down so they mix a little better and then I’ll give them So Gorgeous Thermal Styling and Finishing Hairspray. This is a popular hair spray because it’s lock-in style with a natural finish hold and can be used to protect the hair from heat-styling damage as well.

Fade to Fall Hair and Makeup Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial so you can see hair and make-up in the fall. You can find all the products used in this tutorial at your local Sally Beauty Store or online at They are a hidden gem for finding salon-quality products that are under $ 10, so you can effortlessly reach any budget without sacrificing quality. They always stand by their love or return, guarantee.

Fade to Fall Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Thanks to Sally Beauty for partnering in this post.



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