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Fashionable Hairstyles 2018 from Vogue Vision

The new Vogue Vision Test answers all tricky questions. Including – what hairstyles in fashion in the transitional season 2017-2018. Leading stylists present an aesthetic punk style with original combinations of colors and shapes. Unique pictures, striking decisions, determine the fashion in 2018.

Trendy hairstyles for short hair

in the photo – Aya

A short hairstyle, inspired by the legendary fashion of the 90s, is relevant in 2018. The unusual texture and the different strands create an unusual appearance, improved and understandable.

Modische Frisuren 2018 von Vogue Vision

Playful iridescent color, clearly combined with short strands. The soft and soft, powdery palette of brown colors brings together cold and warm tones. This results in a unique color effect. This fall in fashion is such a complex tone because new rules will follow in 2018.

Modische Frisuren 2018 von Vogue Vision

Hairstyles for Medium Hair: The Trend of Winter 2018

Claudia in the photo

A multi-layered asymmetrical hairstyle is the hit of the winter of 2018. An important accent is an unusually delicate fringe, combined with a cold metallic sheen. Different shapes and different styles merge to a new, trendy winter character.

Modische Frisuren 2018 von Vogue Vision

The random color combination of metallic-gray color and light-purple olive harmonizes with gray-brown notes.

Modische Frisuren 2018 von Vogue Vision

A new picture with a short haircut for every day

in the photo – Neli

The youthful character and defiant insolence of the image in 2018 are watered down with intonations of elegance and freshness. The playful style that radiates simplicity and sexuality is an elegant and romantic interpretation of punk in 2018.

Modische Frisuren 2018 von Vogue Vision

Hairstyle offers countless styling options, every day as new, because you can brush up your hair and experiment with accessories. Blond, unchangeable for all fans, has been inspired by the opposite sex for 80 years.

Modische Frisuren 2018 von Vogue Vision

The most feminine and fashionable hairstyle of autumn

in photo – Eliza

This hairstyle is a sensational analogy to the color interpretation of the past, a combination of bright, large shades of light that stand in the fall of 2018 in line with the richer and darker tones at the roots. The play of light creates fresh autumnal lightness with the aid of different depths of color.

Modische Frisuren 2018 von Vogue Vision

Uneven texture with very simple and natural waves of strands gives fall mystery and romance, but it does not diminish audacity and confidence. A wide range of bright red, translucent fiery and abrasive light – sex symbol of autumn. A sharp contrast, a clear signal – female, confident, energetic.

Modische Frisuren 2018 von Vogue Vision


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