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Fashionable hairstyling. 500 photos. Part 1.

Modisches Haarstyling. 500 Fotos. Teil 1.

Fashionable hairstyling. 500 photos. Part 1.

Today, the women’s magazine “Raznoblog” launches a series of articles dealing with all sorts of styling that are most popular among owners of short, medium and long hair. Of course, in these editions you will see a large number of photos (more than 500) of beautiful and stylish hairstyles and haircuts for women. In addition, we’ll tell you the secrets of home-long-term styling, which you can easily do in a few minutes with your own hands. As always, we look forward to your comments, recommendations and feedback on these articles.

The ancients believed that it was in the hair that the magical power was hidden. And although time has since flowed a lot under the bridge, men and now, as if bewitched, admire the feminine curls. No extravagant jewelry is needed if the hair is soft, shiny and well-groomed. All ladies understand that the picture is complete only if the hairstyle is elegant and looks natural.

Laying tools.

To get the hairstyle back in its original form, there is a lot of money. Their main advantage lies in the possibilities of application at home and in the possibilities to create elegant styling even on the most rebellious curls, as shown in the photos in our gallery. Threading means hair elasticity and strength. As a result, the hair “remembers” the fastened position and remains fixed. The composition of the styling products includes ingredients that protect the hair structure from external influences. The longer and curlier the hair is, the longer it will take to get a quality comb for you.

It is important to fulfill its purpose completely. Headgear collects static electricity very quickly. Therefore, you need a comb of wood or horn, choose a metal, but not plastic. The hairdresser, who deals with the fashionable female hairstyles, knows about it completely. Both high quality polishing and polishing teeth are important. The surface of the perfect comb is completely smooth. Comb with frequent teeth, which are only suitable for ruffles. Rare teeth combs should be used daily: The rarity of the teeth reduces hair damage. Sharp, often lying teeth hurt the scalp.

Similar rules for the selection of brushes. Too coarse and too soft bristles are not suitable. Brush over the back of the hand to check the degree of hardness. The tips of the bristles are thickened or rounded, and scratches on the hand should not persist. In the brushes for styling a hair dryer important large holes for the escape of hot air. For curly hair brushes are seldom chosen so that the curls do not get stuck in them. For a high-quality massage of the scalp you need a rubber brush, which is elastic. Foam fixes the scalp hair and gives volume to the packaging. Apply the product only on the hair and style it with a hair dryer while it is wet. With proper dosing provided natural hair. The excess, however, makes the hair tough. For medium-length hair, a piece of foam is needed, not more than one egg. For uniform use, the remedy is spread along the scalp with a rare tooth comb, without applying it to the raw hair.

There is a fixation normal, medium, strong and super strong. Superstrong is suitable for styling greasy hair. For damaged and dry, do not use and strong fixation. The reason is a noticeable drying with similar agents. Weakened hair is carefully styled so as not to damage it any more. Hence the ideal tool – special creams. Apply to lightly dried hair. Then a common comb is distributed, which gives the laying the shape. Dry, of course. Apply liquid – for thin and sparse hair. It will provide stable styling. Apply to wet and dry hair.
Thermal agents include fabrics that prevent damage from hot surfaces.

Universal styling gel. He gives volume hairstyles and stability of their form. When applying the gel on dry hair – the effect of wet hair. Gels guarantee basal volume, remove static, effective for hot styling and smooth hairstyles. There are liquid gels in the form of jelly and aerosols. Aerosol gives the hair stability without giving the hair stiffness. Put it on a dry head of hair, comb it to give shape. Repeated combing preserves the shape. Together with the wet effect the hair gets a natural shine. To dry the hair dryer, you need a special tool in the form of foam, so mousse.

Wax tame unruly curls. The tool is rubbed into the hands and rubbed in the hair. Curls become plastic and easy to assemble. The wax moistens the dry hair and fixes individual strands. But it is not recommended to put on the hair in large quantities, so as not to be messy with the shaggy look. A serum forms a protective coat around each hair. It is used to increase gloss and remove static electricity. To fix the hair use lacquers. They also give shine without sticking to the hair. Lucky are good for fixing individual strands. The tool is easily removed by combing a thick hair comb.

When applying varnishes on the bottom of the hair (vertical spray bottles – the best option), wrap a tress on a round brush and dry it with a hair dryer a little bit. With minimal expenditure of time results in a good styling. You can wind and dry the straps, then sprinkle with varnish and carefully remove the brush. If no varnish is on hand and fixation is necessary, the 1: 10 diluted lemon or orange juice may replace the product. For homemade gels, you can take half a teaspoon of gelatin with a glass of water. With unruly hair, the amount of the latter increases. After swelling for four hours, the gelatin dipped in water is heated, brought to a boil, but it is not necessary to boil.

Add one teaspoon of vinegar or citric acid and half a teaspoon of chalk. The components are mixed and reheated. After cooling the mixture, filter and, if desired, add a drop of the preferred flavor. For laying and decoction of flaxseed. Five teaspoons of seeds are added to boiling water and boiled for fifteen or twenty minutes. The broth is filtered, flavored and used to style a hair dryer or pliers and curlers.

How to make natural curls.

A festive occasion needs styling for the occasion. If there is no time to visit Master, you can do it yourself. To create curls or elegant waves, you need the right tools, desire and patience. Easy Papilotki – a perfect tool. After washing, a retainer is applied, individual strands are dried and wound up. After drying, the hairstyle is ready. With large and soft curlers weightless curls not only get soft waves. Use the tool should not be on short hair. Hairstyles are voluminous. You can get a styling and a round brush with a hair dryer. Only effort is much more necessary.

With curlers, the volume is much easier to get. In the washed hair combed foam, twisting on a curler small strands. The tips turn around gently, so that the hair does not become very extravagant after drying. After drying, only one shaping is required. Heated curlers also fit long hair. Dry strands are separated, sprinkled with an aerosol, wrapped on heated curlers for 20 minutes. Then a rare toothbrush comes into play. Do not apply curlers more than once a week. “Velcro” – the “fastest” curler. But they are more effective on short hair. The volume is provided.

You do not need curlers to create the waves. Brackets required. Gel is ironed in wet curls, the hair glide with your fingers to waves. Clips attach to combs. Until the hair is completely dry, you can not brush it with a brush, just with a rare comb and if necessary. Thermal clamping is necessary to give relief. It allows you to create a zig-zag styling, but you should not do it everyday so your hair does not become brittle and dry. If the part of the tweezers in contact with the head is made of thermoplastic, then even on unruly hair, wonderful curls will be obtained. Dry hair is divided into four parts. Start by turning the back and take small strands in a spiral. In heated tweezers, it is important not to hold your hair for more than ten seconds. Combing hot hair is impossible. The shape of the curls gives a small amount of gel or combs with a rare tooth comb. For the hair strong heat – a great stress. Since the use of styling forceps on thin and sensitive hair is not recommended.

Hairstyling at home.

Daily hair dryer is no longer a rarity. But when hair drying, the hair is injured, and it is not possible to get better from the daily use of this device. Some tricks help to stay home every day and wear minimally traumatizing hair. With daily hair styling, do not help with dry hair moisturizing shampoos and nourishing hair masks. Colors should be more economical, with nutrients and moisturizing ingredients in the composition. It is also impossible to ignore homemade hair care products. You will restore the structure, hair silky shine and bring back beauty.

1. Dry the washed hair off with a towel.
2. Polishing milk is applied to the length of the hair.
3. Fix a piece of hair on the crown.
4. Wind each strand on each round brush and dry the hair dryer. The comb must be directed downwards, the air from the dryer is vertical. The device is important to not keep closer than five inches from the brush.
5. When the bottom strands have dried, start laying the top.
6. Before fixing the gel, let the hair cool.

Cold styling.

The installation is divided into cold and hot. Hot – these hairdryers, pliers, heated curlers. With cold styling, the hair does not heat up. The hair is modeled with shaking, fingers or natural drying. Cold styling will hurt less hair. But with less damage to the structure of time, hair takes more. Curlers destroy the romantic image of a gentle lady, especially when a loved one is at home. But then there are special grids for curlers and wipes to make the picture sporty and fit. Yes, and many types of curlers. So the kind of cold styling can be very good. Those ladies whose hair is long can continue to use the usual rigid plastic curlers. They provide excellent fixation and can be easily removed after drying. Cautious should be treated with a spiked hair curler: Hair can get tangled and unraveling it painlessly will not be easy.

Curler Boomerangs – The Super Solution for the Night “Twist.” The hair is wound on the central part, and the ends, like scissors, open to the sides, much like a boomerang. The wider the rod, the longer the strand can be unscrewed. The result of such date boomerangs is better than foam, after which the hairstyle appears more abstract than elegant. The average size of curlers – soft curls, big – soft curls, small – cheeky curls. The latter give Papilotki or coils. You can simply limit the creation of volume, with the help of curlers at the roots increase. Velvet curlers are especially good with velours and plastic sticks. To preserve the shape of the hairstyle before applying foam. Strands with a width of less than width curlers. With dense and voluptuous curls, the thread is delayed by the head as much as possible. The tips should be tight and smooth without wrinkles.

Lay hot.

Mostly with hot styling used hair dryer. They are made with a hub or a narrow nozzle for drying. For the styling brushes must be used, ie a round brush. Both hands are busy. In hair dryers with finger nozzles, diffusers, hair are whipped at the roots, and hairstyles are great. For long hair, hair vibrators with vibrating tips are required. The set for the hair dryer brush consists of a pair of round brushes and a semicircle for the volume. If you lie on the street, you can create a brush that works autonomously. The more diverse the choice of modes and speeds of the dryer, the more drying methods you can choose. The best styling produces a combination of high temperatures and cold air. The first guarantee of elasticity of the hair, and the latter will fix the shape.

The overheating protection of the hair reduces the temperature of the air during drying as the moisture decreases. Completely wet hair can not be styled. Dried for hair growth, shaking the hair. Place half-wet hair at medium temperature. If you use the hair dryer diffuser when laying, they move up, turning the device against the roots, with brushes strands are wrapped around the roots. It is important to direct the flow of air from the roots of the hair to the ends of the hair so that it shines and keeps the hair dryer 20 inches away from the hair.

Pliers are suitable for healthy hair. Each order is no longer than ten seconds. Cooling is better to extend. Comb completely cooled hair. Velor pliers, where the metal part is covered with velor, are more economical. Hot styling is combined with thermal protection products: masks, creams, balms and moisturizing shampoos. It is important to choose the type of hair.

Styling with ironing.

The ironing will help solve the problem of long and middle hair . This device smoothes the hair. Every two or three minutes, and a smooth silky hairstyle is ready. Hair can not only pull, but also curl up into soft rings. Daily iron helps to create new images and moods. For beginners, laying such a device is difficult: it is difficult to be virtuous with what is in your hands for the first time. Externally, the iron looks like a curling. Only the surfaces are smooth, as the main function is hair straightening. Professionals in salons like to use iron. For straightening hair, small strands are clamped between the plates and pulled from the roots to the ends. Smooth, even hair is obtained.

Start creating hairstyles you need to wash your hair. Then the hair is gently dried, divided into strands and combed each comb. Three fingers away from the roots is the iron. The curl becomes a spiral. The device is rotated slowly and carefully. From the bottom of the corrugated strands, remove the plate and fix the alloy varnish. You can read the continuation of this article series in the next issue of our women’s magazine.

Hairstyling at home.

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Modisches Haarstyling. 500 Fotos. Teil 1.


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