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Fast and easy rolls

Fast and easy rolls
Fast and easy rolls

Yesterday, AJ came to lunch with me in City Creek and on the way to the food court, a woman asked for directions to Macy’s.
[* Note: The new City Creek is a shopping mall outside the hotel. All doors go straight outside.]

Woman: How do I get to Macy’s?
AJ: You can leave these doors and turn right.
Woman: Is there another way?
Me: You can walk out of these doors and there are a few buildings down.
Woman: You mean, I have to go outside?
Me: Um.
Woman: Well, I do not think I’ll come back here.

{A conversation with an older couple in the elevator.] Woman: What child, boy?
Me: P4

Man: Look at those tiger shoes.
[Everyone looks at my shoes] Man: Or are they alligator or lizard?
Me: They would be much more expensive if they were.

Woman: Let me see your hair.
I turn my head; it’s a side Dutch braid to engage] Woman: Oh wow, my hair will not do that.

Man: Neither will be mine.
As a matter of fact

Fast and easy rolls
my tiger shoes



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