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Faux Shave Dutch Braid

Faux Shave Dutch Braid

This Fake Shave Dutch Braid is perfect for giving your look an edgy look. It looks incredibly cool, especially with long flowing curls on one side. Of course, it costs an immense dedication to shave one’s head. Fortunately, a fast braid on one side of the head can achieve the same result without cutting off all the hair. A braid is easy to do and a great way to wear the “Faux Shave”.

Start by sharing your hair in a deep side piece. A dramatic part is an important step to this style. Take a cut hair near the ear and separate the hair into three sections to start a Dutch braid. When you reach the back of the ear, continue with a regular braid until you reach the back of the head on the other side. Put a pin on the end to secure it against the head and cover the part of the braid with the hair over it. Finish with a few splashes of hairspray. Faux Shave Dutch Braid



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