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Festive hairstyles for medium hair. 70 photos.

Festliche Frisuren für mittlere Haare. 70 Fotos.

Festive hairstyles for medium hair. 70 photos.

Even the most beautiful and sophisticated outfit is not associated with a mess on your head. Therefore, a beautiful hairstyle is a must-have item of a festive look. If there is a fantasy and elementary abilities, creating your own version takes no more than half an hour. The main thing is not to forget the consistency of the hairstyle with the shape of the face and its combination with the chosen image. Hairstyle in a natural style will suit owners of wavy and curly half-long and long hair. For this, it is necessary at the back of the head to attach the top and side closures with decorative hairpins or rivets, leaving the lower Hinterhauptsstränge free.

Hairstyles for short hair.

For the holiday styling strands combed from the forehead to the side. The rest of the hair is back and up. Secure the side strands with clips. Apply gel or mousse to the hair tips and give the hair a classic mess or a sharp appearance. If the hairstyle is a “cap” or a short long bob with long strands from the back of the head to the temples, then you can use multicolored mascara for the holiday and decorate it with your hair. Looks great on short hair retro hairstyle . Especially if the outfit fits. Create a wave in the hair will help gel. Curlers or large curlers complete the creation. Will help, fat pony and bouffant. But make-up should also be chosen in a retro style.

The picture will complete hair accessories. Satin ribbons in tone together with ornaments with rhinestones, decorative stones, headbands and combs can transform the humblest hairstyle into an elegant and festive one. Very beautiful flowers in her hair. Live or artificial – they will adorn the hair very much. Glitter sprays add the finishing touch to a festive look. Over 90% of all brides use all sorts of accessories as an original complement to beautiful and festive hairstyles. In this collection of photos you can easily find these types of haircuts and hairstyles.

Hairstyles for medium hair.

“French Twist” looks very impressive on half-length hair. It is suitable for all types of people. The hair is in a ponytail, rolled and decorated with the sides. Let some loose streaks ahead. Hairstyle fixes hairspray. For wavy hair, a hairstyle is suitable in which the hair with the mousse applied to it is combed with the fingers, divided into individual strands, combed and chopped into a low tail at the back of the head. For half-length hair, this option is perfect. Comb the hair off the face, twist it on the sides and fix the hairpins around the head. Decorate with accessories or flowers.

The next holiday hairstyle looks very impressive on half-length hair. Curl straight hair, split into one side and combed to one side. Fixed with hairpins or pins several times. Fix varnish. For hair of any length, texture and any type of face, a hairstyle with mousse and side apex is suitable. The hair is collected on the crown and connected with hairpins or a hairpin. Straight hair from the tail wind on curlers or with curling.

Hairstyles for long hair.

Comb the hair off the face and up on the crown to collect in the tail. Attach with a rubber band, wrap the tail without tightening it, screw with hairpins, smooth the hair with a gel with a gel and fix with varnish. Decorate the hair with hairpins or flowers.
Very spectacular Greek style hairstyle. For her, her hair must be combed back and fastened high on the crown. Leave a few locks on the temples and behind the head. Decorate the hair with long hairpins on one side. Twisted Hair looks pretty original and festive. You need to take a little wax, apply to the hair and make a side parting. Twist a small strand of the face and add new ones, like weaving a French braid. Arrived in the middle of the head, fix it behind the invisible. Repeat on the other side. Braid both strands together. Very long hair is better to pick up in a bun. Decorate your hair with a nice hairpin.

On holidays, curls, ponytails and simply flowing hair look good. If you can not visit the salon, these hairstyles will help to look stylish and beautiful. In combination with decorative edges, hairpins and hair accessories, such hairstyles are always relevant. Attractiveness gain spit very relevant. The special attraction of the festive hairstyles based on it is that the seemingly complex weaving is easy to do independently. If it is decided to perform three-dimensional weaving, then it is necessary to leave a few curls to fall off the face to give the picture more romance. Extremely open weave patterns look very impressive. Spikelets, Greek and French braids – the trend of the season. Festive hairstyle is able to create a complete picture. So, so as not to be mistaken in choosing your own version, you must first familiarize yourself with the latest fashion trends in order to look irresistible on vacation.

Photos of trendy hairstyles.

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Festliche Frisuren für mittlere Haare. 70 Fotos.


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