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Fishtail French Knotted Side Braid

A fishtail French braid is the new Dutch braid and a fresh fixation from the traditional French braid.

Mixing and carrying a fishtail braid is a perfect step for the coming spring. Make a tight braid for an ultra-chic look or wear it loosely for a carefree feel. Then finish it with a knotted side braid to change the normal braid so that you look more finished. It’s a lot easier than it looks. Scroll down to the tutorial and get braidng!

Fishtail French Knotted Side Braid

Fishtail French knotted side braid

  • Step 1 / Share the hair on the right side and thread all the hair over the left shoulder.
  • Step 2 / Take a section on the heavy side of the part and divide it into two strands.
  • Step 3 / Take a small section from the back half, cross over the top and insert it into the front half.
  • Step 4 / Separate a small section from the front strand, cross it over the top strand and tie it into the back strand.
  • Step 5 / Cross over a small section from the back strand to the front strand and bring a strand of hair into the front strand.
  • Step 6 / Now repeat step 5 with the front strand.
  • Step 7 / Braid the hair in a fishtail French braid down to the bottom of the left ear.
  • Step 8 / Once the braid reaches the ear, create a knotted side braid. To do this, twist the two strands forwards and then cross them over in the opposite direction.
  • Step 9 / When it reaches the bottom, tie it at the end with a clear rubber band.
  • Step 10 / Create a second rope braid with the remaining hair and tie off the end.
  • Step 11 / Next, pull one of the rope braids apart to form a gap and pull the other rope braid through.
  • Step 12 / Pull the braid through the gaps in the other so that the two are combined together.
  • Step 13 / Tie the end braid together and remove the other two elastics.
  • Step 14 / Carefully loosen the sides of the braid to make it look fuller and more complex.

Fishtail French Knotted Side Braid



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