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French braid in messy bun

French Braid in Messy Bun can be dressed or dressed, whether you’re going to work, an evening, or a formal occasion like a school dance.

The braid on the front is a normal French braid that is pulled a little looser on the top to create a larger, more romantic braid. The bun on the back can be made in different ways. Whether you use a pair of hair clips to pin down each piece ( as I did ), a donut bun, or the simplest top knot technique, you’ll have a beautiful new hairstyle that’s a must in your beauty arsenal.

French braid in messy bunFrench braid in messy bun

Follow these steps to reach the French braid in messy bun:

  1. With a part on the right side, take a 2 “hairline right at the hairline and divide it into three parts.
  2. Start a French braid by crossing the back piece over the middle and then the front piece over the middle.
  3. Next, cross the back over the middle and attach a larger portion of the hair to create the French braid style.
  4. Cross the front over the middle and bring another larger section of hair.
  5. Continue weaving until the French braid reaches the left ear and braid the hair into a normal braid.
  6. Tighten the braid with a transparent rubber band.
  7. Next, collect the rest of the hair into a low ponytail, pulling the hair through a clear elastic band only once.
  8. If you rub the hair band a second time over the ponytail, do not pull the hair completely to form a loop.
  9. Pull the loop up and put it against your head.
  10. Wrap the hair around the bun and stick it around the elastic band.
  11. Pin loose parts to create a messy bun.
  12. Pull a few strands loosely around the face.
  13. Carefully loosen the braid by pulling the braided part, not the retracted strands.
  14. Finish with a few hairspray and wipe your favorite lipstick.


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